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Indian Larry Killed in Helmetless Stunt

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Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Thats to bad, colorful guy, interesting ideas on bikes, but it was just a matter of time before he got hurt doing one of his stupid tricks without wearing a helmet.
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Re: It's too bad

Exactly! So does this mean that you finally "Get It" or are you just trying to be sarcastic again?
Re: Lets drink to those who ...

As opposed to those who died, riding in an Aerostich, wearing an Arai and riding a VFR with ABS?

Was it stupid for Larry to ride without a helmet? Of course it was.

Is it stupid for you or I to ride a motorcycle? Of course it is.
Re: Indian Larry dead, WTF

Re: Indian Larry dead, WTF

But would you be wearing a condom?
Re: So let's not learn from the fact that...

So if he was wearing a helmet and died after crashing an ABS equipped VFR, while wearing an Aerostich and an Arai, he would have been making the right choice, in YOUR book?

What gives YOU the right to apply YOUR book to other peoples lives? -Sean
And a leather cap and goggles wouldn't have been much help anyway, after you slid-out on horse manuer and cracked your noggin on that curb.

Now-a-days helmets really DO protect your head. some of those guys wearing helmets are actually pretty decent motorcyclists with 100's of thousands of miles under their wheels.

Of course, I personally believe it should be YOUR choice and will fight for your right not to wear a helmet, if you so choose. However, I'll also call you an idiot for riding without one. -Sean
Re: Indian Larry dead

Re: Lets drink to those who ...

The only difference between what I said and what you said, is where we each draw the "stupid" line. That is the whole point of my arguement. WHO gets to say WHERE that line is placed?

Larry's chosen lifestyle was to tattoo the hell out of himself, build choppers, live a fast-n-wild lifestyle and do stunts without a helmet. Please don't denigrate his chosen lifestyle with your line.

I personally think he made some poor choices, but hey! that's just my opinion. This is still a free (kinda) country and they were HIS choices to make. -Sean
Re: So let's not learn from the fact that...

Just like the CHOICE not to ride in the first place, huh?
Re: So let's not learn from the fact that...

Don't you see? that IS the subject. Where do you expect "them" to stop? When they get everyone to wear a helmet? What happens when people keep dying after that law? What do you thing the next law will be? Will it be "no choppers without front brakes" or will it just be the logical conclusion "No Motorcycles Whatsoever". Again, why are YOU trying to tell someone else what an acceptable level of risk for THEIR head is? -Sean
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