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Indian Larry Killed in Helmetless Stunt

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Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Thats to bad, colorful guy, interesting ideas on bikes, but it was just a matter of time before he got hurt doing one of his stupid tricks without wearing a helmet.
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You know what I love about liberals? The fact that they'll kill you for your own good... and they'll sleep soundly after doing it.

CS Lewis once said something about the Benevolent Tyrant... hrmmm....
On a happier topic...

isn't it monday out on the Left Coast??? Where's the Sport-Tourer Shootout?? You tease!!! What... do I have to buy you a couple shots of ol' Jose to get ya to put out?
life at 85

Dude... at 85... I'm gonna drink, smoke, smoke, snort, and chew everything I can get my hands on.

I'm gonna get speeding tickets for 185mph.

I mean really... what am I gonna do? die? really? Please?
Mr Mom

So let me get this straight... you are going to make fun of me... because umm... On monday i sleep till 9am? Because on Tuesday mornings I can be found drinkin' coffee in the park while you're at work? You know how you enjoy Friday? Well for me... Friday is meanless. I never have to get up at any time. I don't have a boss, or deadlines, or idiotic reports, or time wasting red-tape.

Laugh it up funny boy. Just think of me the next time your alarm goes off. Ever wonder what its like to not live your life by a clock? Ask me sometime. I can tell ya.

And as for that Mr Mom crap... Get over it. I'm Mr Dad. I don't do anything around the house that any other husband does do. I load the dish washer and sometimes do some laundry. We've got a maid dude. My days are spend changing oil, playing with the boy, hand loading ammo, playing with the boy, and riding the bike.

Who's got it made? and who's some business major's beer wench?
"Ya know what I love about conservatives? The fact that they'll kill you for *their* own good."

In terms of self-defense, I absolutely would kill someone for my own good, or the good of my family... and quite likely for the good of a perfect stranger.

The difference is, that as a liberal you aren't helping people because you want whats good for them. You help them because you want what's good for you. You like the do-gooder buzz you get from it. You don't give a crap if you are actually helping anyone, all you care about it is the buzz you get from your percieved good works.

This explains why you don't care when you find out that since the "War on Poverty" started, we actually have a great many more poor people. The "War on Poverty" is still a success to you, even though it hurt people, because it gave you a good buzz.

Quick... Name a government that slaughtered more than 1 million of its own citizens, that was did not have a centrally controlled economy. Can't? Hrmm... Wonder why?
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Re: Mr Mom

Rock on buddy. Kook is such an idiot. You'll never find a Dad who wouldn't trade his job for the chance to spend real time with his kids. If it was possible, we'd all do it. I know guys who went to medical school, who owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, who would do about anything to have my life.

Kook would rather go to work though.. because he's a real man.
Re: Mr Mom

Dammit Beemer... How are we to continue on as mortal enemies with all this in common?
I find myself frequently in agreement with Sean and Beemer on these topics.... clearly the world is coming to an end.

Dogs and cats... living together! Mass Hysteria!
Wait.. doesn't Anarch-ism fall into your catagory too? God knows there'd be plenty of conflict there too.

There is only one 'ism I'm for... and that's individualism. Stay the **** outta my life. You do your thing. I'll do mine.
Who are you kiddin'?

Come on 'nali... we all know you'd be hittin' her backdoor.
Re: Domestic Bliss

any time buddy. My boy is almost 2 as well. Pat yours on the head for me.
Re: Lets drink to those who ...

only parts of it are free. Certainly not the part that its your sad misfortune to call home. S'ok though. I'll throw one back for Larry... and for you too Sean... assumin' we get that Shootout up tonight!
Re: Mr Mom

Funny. You're voting for one.
Re: It's a Testosterone thing.

Players vs Watchers? I guess that depends on how define player and watcher. I can never make more than a small fraction of what my wife makes... therefore it makes no sense economicly for me to work. Every dime I make would just go to the government. I'll be damned if I'm gonna work for the Government while someone else raises my kids.

Let's face it... if I treated them like that, who would i have to blame when they turned out to be blathering idiots like you?
Re: Mr Mom

It's a matter of record ya moron. Check it. Kerry has made sport of marrying rich older women.
Re: The one thing Right Wing Religious Bush Wackos forget.

This means taking personal responsibility for helping those in need. Not using the government to give yourself a feel good buzz. Fool.
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