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Indian Larry Killed in Helmetless Stunt

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Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Thats to bad, colorful guy, interesting ideas on bikes, but it was just a matter of time before he got hurt doing one of his stupid tricks without wearing a helmet.
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Re: It's helmets not assault weapons.

Bad example Kpaul. I'll bet you didn't know that the AR15 is used every day for legitimate competition, which is supported by the government. You really do believe everything you're told, don't you?
Better to have a pan of red wine full of hungry piranha (as everybody knows, piranha in Rio carioca slang means a hooker).

- cruiz-euro
Re: Can't compare Greg McQuide to Indian Larry

You can tie both of these deaths to this one

- cruiz-euro
Re: The one thing Right Wing Religious Bush Wackos forget.

WWJD? Well, if he wouldn't stay away from Jeruselem knowing that they were going to crucify him, I'm going to say he'd probably take a chance and ride without a helmet.
Re: Indian Larry dead

Hate to say it, but he did croak in a hospital bed.

I saw on one of those shows he used to say the bike was going to decide his fate, and that's why he didn't wear a helmet. Hell of a long way to go just to prove your point.
Re: ...

Now that is a comment I can agree with.
Re: Strictly speaking for dummies

You're wasting your time. Logic has no place in an argument with him.
Most two-wheel riders in the world don't wear helmets or special gear of any kind.

India and China are the world's two biggest motorcycle/scooter markets, and Indonesia is a close third. When riding in those countries you rarely see helmets or other rich-world gear. However, engine displacement tends to be smaller. Also, bikes are used as family/daily transportation, not as lifestyle choices.

Even here in Korea, only about half of the motorcycle riders wear helmets. "Construction hard hat"-type helmets are quite common, as are "World War II German soldier"-type helmets. I sometimes feel silly in my full-face helmet, thick leather gloves, sunglasses, protective boots and reflective vest.

My gloves have protected me from gory bug splats on my knuckles. My visor has protected me from rocks, large insects and dust/pollution. My reflective vest has saved from more than a few sloppy lane changers and left turners.

In my one crash, I skidded out on loose gravel after accelerating too quickly. I went down. My helmet whacked against the ground. The gravel left a scar on the helmet paint. My head was fine.


Seoul, Korea

Hyosung Mirage 250cc
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Re: Mr Mom

Why not?
What is a Hyosung Mirage? Korean made Honda?

Don't feel silly about your helmet. Only feel silly if it's over 25 years old, and says "Moto3"

on the side.
Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Hey turd head. Don't you realize that you have just said exactly what any non-rider can say about any rider that becomes injured or killed - da yep, it was just a matter of time . . .
I'm gonna puke!!

I'm gonna puke if I read any more of this snooty patronizing crap about wearing a helmet, not stuntriding, or any of the other messages of that ilk. Does anyone realize that all of those type comments are exactly what any non-rider could say about any rider that becomes injured or killed? Just exactly whose side are you on? Motorcycling is dangerous with or without all the high-zoot protective gear you can wear and I, personally don't respect the opinion of any rider that would essentially badmouth an injured or killed rider for not behaving as they see fit. You sound like a bunch of cagers! You should know better, and you should be ashamed!
Nazi government was a free capitalistic market (until the war economy kicked in). So was Turkey when they stuffed the armenian minority after the WW1.

- cruiz-euro
Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Now that's just ridiculous. The fact of the matter is, none of those things happened to him. He died in a tragic accident, and had he been wearing a helmet, he might be alive today.

This has everything to do with helmets, and nothing to do with helmet laws. Personally, I am 100% PRO-helmet, and 100% ANTI-helmet law. *I* should have the right to choose whether or not to protect myself; the government has no right to make this decision for me.

I fully support Larry doing stunts helmet-less, as is (or should be) his right as an American. BUT, I hope those folks who are anti-helmet look at this tragic event, and give it some thought the next time they go riding helmetless.
You are exactly right!!

All this crap like "he had it coming to him because he didn't wear a helmet" really has me fired up! It seems that far too many MOfools can't figure out that using that logic we all have it coming to us for simply riding - or doing anything else which someone might consider dangerous like sex, jaywalking, or eating red meat. Since humans are imperfect, there will always be idiotic naysayers, but they shouldn't be motorcyclists against motorcyclists.

I never knew Indian Larry but I had read about him over the years in The Horse magazine and I saw him on television chopper shows. Frankly, I really respected Indian Larry for his great talent, humble approach to paparazi, seemingly all around good guy ness, and his dedication to building customs for actual riding. I really believe that at least the chopper world is less after his passing and I'll miss him.
Re: High-Zoot?

High-Zoot? Uh oh, another reader of vintage Dirt Bike/MXA issues. Look out!

Reminds me of the time I stood up on the seat of my Cushman Super Eagle, going full-tilt down San Fernando Road. Ate it big.

I still have the "Asphalt Tattoos". The human scab. Not fun taking showers with plastic dry-cleaner bags covering major body parts.

In fact, every once and a while a little piece of SFR squeezes out of my skin. Real bikers sweat asphalt.
Re: Mr Mom

Just because he has the job (I know, baffles me too) doesn't mean that he's not the biatch.
Re: High-Zoot?

Very observant Mr. Holmes, (Sherlock, not John - dating myself again, ha). Well, I read Dirt Bike before it was vintage. I had a CZ with "moved up" shocks, remember that stuff?

I did the stand on the seat stunt a few times myself. The last time was on a borrowed Suzuki 450 street bike that I wound up buying since I totalled it. Hard to do that stunt without a throttle lock. I can still remember the emergency room personell laughing at me because I was so friggin drunk. I now fall off only while sober!

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