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Indian Larry Killed in Helmetless Stunt

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Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Thats to bad, colorful guy, interesting ideas on bikes, but it was just a matter of time before he got hurt doing one of his stupid tricks without wearing a helmet.
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Re: Lets drink to those who ...

As opposed to those who died, riding in an Aerostich, wearing an Arai and riding a VFR with ABS?

Was it stupid for Larry to ride without a helmet? Of course it was.

Is it stupid for you or I to ride a motorcycle? Of course it is.
Re: Is it generational?

Got nothing to do with generation but everything to do with good sense. I am 47, been riding since I was 9 and would not get on any bike without a helmet.
Re: On a happier topic...

I'd prefer a Pinot Noir or Petite Syrah.

I'm still not giving out any hints though. Excellent bikes all I might say.
Re: Indian Larry dead, WTF

Re: Indian Larry dead, WTF

But would you be wearing a condom?
"Ya know what I love about conservatives? The fact that they'll kill you for *their* own good."

In terms of self-defense, I absolutely would kill someone for my own good, or the good of my family... and quite likely for the good of a perfect stranger.

The difference is, that as a liberal you aren't helping people because you want whats good for them. You help them because you want what's good for you. You like the do-gooder buzz you get from it. You don't give a crap if you are actually helping anyone, all you care about it is the buzz you get from your percieved good works.

This explains why you don't care when you find out that since the "War on Poverty" started, we actually have a great many more poor people. The "War on Poverty" is still a success to you, even though it hurt people, because it gave you a good buzz.

Quick... Name a government that slaughtered more than 1 million of its own citizens, that was did not have a centrally controlled economy. Can't? Hrmm... Wonder why?
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Re: Indian Larry dead


I keep reading this because it's so perfect.
Re: Is it generational?

While I agree with wearing a helmet, and won't ride without one, this accident apparently happened on private property so your veiled referance to a (helmet) law wouldn't have made any difference.

The man bought a ticket and took his chance's, this time he lost. No law's going to change that.
This may be hard to believe, but there was a time when NO ONE wore helmets! I myself rode daily for years sans helmet. Yeah, some guys died after chiping a curb, but not as often as one might think.

Then there's that great wind in the hair feeling. Not so much now of course. But you see my point. Guess we were just better riders back then.
Re: Mr Mom

Rock on buddy. Kook is such an idiot. You'll never find a Dad who wouldn't trade his job for the chance to spend real time with his kids. If it was possible, we'd all do it. I know guys who went to medical school, who owe hundreds of thousands of dollars, who would do about anything to have my life.

Kook would rather go to work though.. because he's a real man.
Re: So let's not learn from the fact that...

So if he was wearing a helmet and died after crashing an ABS equipped VFR, while wearing an Aerostich and an Arai, he would have been making the right choice, in YOUR book?

What gives YOU the right to apply YOUR book to other peoples lives? -Sean
Well we know that he won't be riding a motorcycle. It's just too dangerous. Isn't it odd that JB is willing to take risks when it suits him, like drinking beer and riding even thought it's statistically more likely that he'll have a fatal accident? Oh well might as well let Darwinism take it's course while we sit in the lotus position. VWW
Re: Mr Mom

No I think it's just because his wife would shoot him if she was forced to spend any more time with him than she already does.
And a leather cap and goggles wouldn't have been much help anyway, after you slid-out on horse manuer and cracked your noggin on that curb.

Now-a-days helmets really DO protect your head. some of those guys wearing helmets are actually pretty decent motorcyclists with 100's of thousands of miles under their wheels.

Of course, I personally believe it should be YOUR choice and will fight for your right not to wear a helmet, if you so choose. However, I'll also call you an idiot for riding without one. -Sean
Re: So let's not learn from the fact that...

What gives YOU the right to apply YOUR book to other peoples lives?

Maternal instincts?
Re: Indian Larry dead

Domestic Bliss


Thanks. Thanks heaps!

As I read your post, taking a decompression stop from my arduous duty of sitting on my butt in a wrestling match with all this techno-babble covering the product of so many dead trees, I read your description of your day.

Great. Just great.

'Course, reading about your domestic bliss makes going home at the end of the day (Hey, that's NOW!) to my family that much sweeter. Nothing like a 2 year old boy as a welcome committee. I'm right up there on his list with Momma and Thomas the Tank Engine!

So, you lucky SOB, thank you!
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Re: Lets drink to those who ...

Speak for yourself. I don't consider it stupid or neccesarily dangerous to ride motorcycles.

Riding drunk or with no safety equipment is stupid, performing helmetless stunts on a chopper is stupid, riding over your skill level or traffic conditions is stupid.

Your hypothetical properly equiped VFR rider took all reasonable precations, equipment wise. Presumably what punched his or her ticket was either a lapse in concentration on theirs, or another drivers part.

An intelligent person will take care in every aspect of their lives, but when your time's up it's up. Please don't denigrate my chosen lifestyle with some fool who martyrs himself in the name of fashion
Re: Mr Mom

When my wife became pregnant with our son we made a decision that I would stay home to raise him, despite the fact that we would have to be more watchful of how we spent money. Like Buz I volunteer in my son's first grade class. I also do all of the house work and cook all of the meals. If you really want to properly raise a child it is absolutely neccessary to have one parent at home. The truely sad thing now days is that to pay for all of the bleeding heart socialist programs that Kook and his ilk want more of, too many families are forced to have both parents working. Just one more cause of our society's unraveling brought about by liberal nonsense. VWW
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