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Indian Larry Killed in Helmetless Stunt

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Re: Indian Larry seriously hurt

Thats to bad, colorful guy, interesting ideas on bikes, but it was just a matter of time before he got hurt doing one of his stupid tricks without wearing a helmet.
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Re: Indian Larry dead, WTF

'Course not, what greater insult than to knock her up?
Re: Mr Mom

Dammit Beemer... How are we to continue on as mortal enemies with all this in common?
Idiocy is in the eye of the beholder. While I always wear a helmet, people still think I'm an idiot for riding a motorcycle. Keep fighting for the people's right to the idiocy of their choice Sean, or one day ours will be made illeagal. VWW
Very colorful character and one great bike builder, I wish he had wore a helmet, that little detail cost him his live. RIP
Liberalism, Conservatism, Fascism, Communism, Capitalism..... what do all "isms" have in common? In practice they end up being scams that allow the undeserving (politicians and their lackeys) to live well without having to actually work.

Whenever Kerry or Bush or most any politician sees the people fighting with each other over politics they know that their parasitic existence is secure. They know the suckers will line up and give them money. All they have to do is throw a few crumbs to these rubes.

Polictical power can't exist without conflict. And if there is no conflct ( the usual condition) they will manufacture it. Mass media is their vehicle and we are the suckers who fall for it.

Whether you ride a Harley or a Honda, the cagers are the common enemy. If you think the cager public wouldn't vote for a motorcycle ban, given a media campaign like that run against smokers to soften them up, you are living in dreamland.

So, let's hoist a few for Indian Larry. A fallen comrade.
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I find myself frequently in agreement with Sean and Beemer on these topics.... clearly the world is coming to an end.

Dogs and cats... living together! Mass Hysteria!
Any road, any bike, any time! And I will wear my helmet, thank you very much.
Wait.. doesn't Anarch-ism fall into your catagory too? God knows there'd be plenty of conflict there too.

There is only one 'ism I'm for... and that's individualism. Stay the **** outta my life. You do your thing. I'll do mine.
Who are you kiddin'?

Come on 'nali... we all know you'd be hittin' her backdoor.
Re: Lets drink to those who ...

The only difference between what I said and what you said, is where we each draw the "stupid" line. That is the whole point of my arguement. WHO gets to say WHERE that line is placed?

Larry's chosen lifestyle was to tattoo the hell out of himself, build choppers, live a fast-n-wild lifestyle and do stunts without a helmet. Please don't denigrate his chosen lifestyle with your line.

I personally think he made some poor choices, but hey! that's just my opinion. This is still a free (kinda) country and they were HIS choices to make. -Sean
Re: Is it generational?

I'm the quintessential Gen-X'er and I don't remember having to wear a helmet for anything other than organized football, baseball, hockey and BMX racing. There weren't even helmet laws for motorcycles. Sh*t, we didn't even have car seats for kids. My mom laughs all the time about how safety-conscious all the parents are now. My parents used to tote us around in a Mercury station wagon with lap belts when we were really young. I don't know where you grew up, but we didn't have much safety gear. And no one I know did, either.
Re: Domestic Bliss

any time buddy. My boy is almost 2 as well. Pat yours on the head for me.
Re: Lets drink to those who ...

only parts of it are free. Certainly not the part that its your sad misfortune to call home. S'ok though. I'll throw one back for Larry... and for you too Sean... assumin' we get that Shootout up tonight!
Re: Mr Mom

Since before my daughters were born I've worked rotating shift and my wife worked days, so I've been around for and taking care of my kids all their lives.

Now that I work days, my wife works swing so I'm home to help with homework and cook dinner and get them to bed, while she gets them up and out the door in the mornings.

Plus my days off are monday and tuesday so in the summer I take them to the zoo and such when there's no crowds. I'm glad I've had a chance to be an active parent, and I don't understand guys that spend no time with their kids

Their loss, I guess.
Your first statement I agree with wholeheartedly; your second is a flaming crock of sh!t-you know nothing about me nor do you comprehend my motives for action. Your third almost stopped me-I couldn't figure out why you chose a 35 year old LBJ program to say Libs want a warm fuzzy feeling. Were you dumping on poverty? War? LBJ? In fact, I wasn't sure upon what you were basing your statement that the war was lost, or that it hurt people...although I could comfortably draw the correlation that you're against the war on drugs-Lord knows I am. See? Common ground between us! As far as your fourth statement/question goes-you got me, I can't name one. I'm afraid I don't shift gears as readily as you seem to, flying from one topic to the unrelated next with abandon.

What is it with you? I wouldn't have called you a conservative if I'd had this little window into your psyche before-I'd have leaned towards paranoid militia...'fess up, how many copies of the Turner Diaries are laying around your house/bunker? need to lighten up, Francis...
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Any ishm fitsh. Looksh like I've started hoishting already.
Re: Who are you kiddin'?

any port in a storm
Re: Indian Larry dead

He shoots, he scores!
Re: Strictly speaking...

Falling off his bike and landing on his melon is what croaked him........
Personaly I am appalled that some people on this site are attempting to condemn Larry for not wearing a helmet. Motorcycling is dangerous and too many people die from it every year. Some are wearing helmets and full gear and others aren't. Either way dead is dead and it sucks all the same.

Larry was a great man. A true motorcycle enthusiasts who lived life on his own terms and became a legend doing it. How many of us are so lucky? Judge him and you are only judging yourself.

RIP Indian Larry, you will be missed.

Sean Marcus
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