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Indians for America

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i think it's a very honorable thing for Indian to do, and i applaud them.

on a completely different note while we're talking Indians, i think they are ridiculously overpriced. $23,000? what are you getting for that price? this is nearly double the price of the average cruiser. In the auto world, a car that is double the price of its competitors(BMW, Mercedes) has a level of refinement and performance that justifies the price. i don't see this on the Indians. i only see a good looking bike with decent performance.
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I am swallowing my normal nasty comments about Indians and will just say "Thanks".
At first glance, I thought you said "i think it's a very horrible thing for Indian to do, and i applaud them."

I guess I'm just used to everyone heing negative to anything coming out of Indian (myself included). Yes, it is a good thing they're doing. I hope it rases a few dollars for the relief efforts.
no, not a seam, just a reflection

I hope they can- let's do a little math:

They have about one for each of 225 dealers. That means 225 bikes, give or take. They pledge $1,000 donation for each bike, if I read the story right. I don't know what their profit margin is, but it is probably not less than $1,000 per bike. And they don't make the donation until the bike sells, so they don't have any negative cash flow from the deal, assuming that they have an adequate margin. Those are high priced bikes. They might have a profit margin greater than $1,000 per bike. So, if they do well by doing good, everybody wins. All the best to them.

That said, they give up a possible $225,000 profit. I don't carry that around as pocket change!

A BMW does not cost twice as much...

as Japanese cars that are comparable in size and equipment. You can buy a 6-cyl. 3-series sedan for little more than a well-equipped V6 Camry or Accord if you shop around. And well they shouldn't cost twice as much because build quality isn't any better if that's what you mean by refinement. Since I drive a bimmer I guess it's okay if a lot of people out there think they're expensive, but only a few low-volume models like the Z8 and certain "M"-types actually do carry ridiculous price tags. The rest carry just a very modest premium that most bimmerphiles find worth it for their wonderful driving characteristics compared to FWD appliance cars.
My thoughts as well. Perhaps they added a $1000 to the price of each bike so that their profits aren't compromised? I'm not ripping on them for doing this if they did--the potential buyer wouldn't notice a 1k difference. It just becomes a bit of a "charity tax," I suppose. And I'd much rather pay a charity tax than a vaseline tax.
To answer my own question...

The Scout is $2000 less than the Spirit and only a teensy weensy bit less shiny. I'll bet this is a charity tax in that case (which is NOT a bad thing all things considered).
Re: A BMW does not cost twice as much...

A 325i that is decently but not oppulently equipped can be had for around $28k. Worth the $3k over a V6 accord? you betcha!
I might be raining on Indian's parade, and perhaps their motives are genuine, but I doubt it. I am almost convinced that its a marketing exploitation of the situation. They get good PR, people give them thanks, people get softer in their attitude about higher prices. Is all that worth $225k? sure as hell is.

yet almost everybody except people who own them think they cost a lot more than they do. I guess that says BMW's marketing dept. is almost as clever as their engineering dept. The only down side to it is that some people think I drive a BMW as an "expensive" status symbol and that has NOTHING to do with it, in fact, mine is hardly an "expensive" car by today's standards with run-of-the-mill SUVs and even some minivans costing more!
Doing well by doing good

Hey, if their marketing department improves their bottom line, improves their image, and gets money to charities that need it, while selling motorcycles to people who are willing to pay the asking price- who doesn't win here?

If everybody gains, everybody is happy, and the motorycle buyers who foot the bill don't feel took, what is the problem? I sure don't see one.
Yeah, but regardless of ulterior motives, $225k to the Fire Department or the Red Cross is still $225k to the Fire Department or the Red Cross.
Re: Exactly...

I have a question. What about operating costs? I bet BMW parts are more expensive than Honda... Is this a true statement?
Lets stop calling them "Indian", shall we? I don't care if they got the legal right to the name through some highly questionable legal action, they're NOT Indian. Weren't they the "California Motorcycle Company" before?

Anyhow, I agree with the posters above: I'm sure it eats into but doesn't eliminate, their profit margin on the bikes. At $23K? They've GOT to have a higher margin than $1K. So... somebody is willing (and people are) to pay lots of extra money for a Harley clone with big fenders - and CMC donates a grand of each sale to the appropriate charities... good for them. So it might be a marketing gimmick... so what? It's still money to the Red Cross and NYCFD. I may not like the company (and I don't) or their product (it's pretty but still an even more-expensive H-D) but it's a good gesture on their part.
Re: Exactly...

in many instances, the parts prices are comparable, as are most parts prices for most automobiles. one thing i noticed with my bmw automobiles is the increased lifespan, compared to asian makes, with a lower maintainence $$ outlay. but we are discussing motorbikes, not cars, so get back to bikes, you knuckleheads !!
calling Indian Indian

Should we quit calling Triumphs Triumphs? After all, Hinckley Triumph just bought the name to the old Meriden Triumph. Otherwise unrelated.

On the other hand, Hinckley Triumph from the very beginning made their own engines...
Re: calling Indian Indian

Triumphs never used S&S motors and CCM frames......face it, Indian is just another BigDog or Titan.....purely a partsbin catalog bike. They exploited the name Indian, trying to build on a heritage of which they did not partake nor try to carry on, just make money off of other people's sweat and heartaches.
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