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Owning a motorcycle insurance company and working as a vendor at Barber, Rd Atl and next yr VIR, I will tell you that taking ANY kid to ANY motor-event is a mistake. The kids cannot be expected to endure hours on end at such events. Campers may have it slightly better because the kids have a place to go. Certainly, the suite is better suited than GA tickets, but in all I'd discourage the practice. The kids get cranky and the noise is terrible for their little developing ears. I've told my daughter that the up coming race season she is eligable to attend with me, but if I get the slightest amount of whining out of her she will not be allowed to attend another one until she's 15. My buddy brings his GF and her little girl to Barber year after year- mistake!- within 2hrs of arrival time she's complaining about everything. You get to be your own parent on this but from my experience, unless it's a motocross event and the kids are participants don't bring them to a spectator event. You'll pay the price if you do. I certainly will at Barber when I bring my 10yo. After that I won't here crap from her until she's 15- hopefully.
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