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Insane motorcycle legislation

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The Legislature in Puerto Rico is has just passed a bill (law) to “promote the safe use of motorcycles as viable transportation”. Cyclists around the Island are going berserk at some of the great ideas coming out from legislators who have never swung a leg over a bike or stepped on the platform of a scooter. For us who commute to work daily on a bike the most objectionable part of the bill is the prohibition of lane splitting; which is one of the principal benefits of commuting on a bike. Also, to a lesser degree, the requirement to use footwear that covers your ankles, gloves and a jacket; this in a place with a median temperature of 87 degrees F. all year round. From what I have been able to learn, lane splitting is legal almost everywhere but would like to have some specific data on this to lobby against this stupid bill. Information on the the clothing issue, particularly the footwear (which goes stongly against female riders) would also be appreciated. Help us get more people ON bikes instead insteado of OFF.
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The government cares about you. Get over it.
Hey, is this deja voooh all over again? Do I get to post my Puerto Rico-Mushroom story a second time, too?

Ok, here it goes...."My squadron was on a misslex det in Rosie Roads...."
God, give him another beer so he'll shut up.......
Your statement lane is splitting is legal almost everywhere is incorrect. I live in Georgia and there is no state in the southeast US that I am aware of that allows lane splitting.
California allows it, but that's because there's no law that specifically prohibits lanesharing. Ergo, it's not "Illegal". Every other state has laws against it. Texas came this >< close to allowing it, but the bill failed at the eleventh hour.
I sure wish it was legal in Florida, especially in the summer. If I'm on the HD and it starts heating up, I will split lanes and keep the bike cool regardless. If the cops want to ticket me, so be it.

There's an interesting setup on I-95. The far left lane is the HOV, which backs up just like the rest of the highway. However, it is separated by two white, "dashed" lines, with about two feet or more between them. I've been lane splitting in that, and I think I could claim it's marked just like any other lane, only must be the motorcycle HOV lane! I know; "tell it to the Judge."
It is more accurate to say that lane-splitting, or sharing is "tolerated" all over the world except in the United States. California is the only state in the union that does not have a prohibition on the practice.

It is also tolerated in many US urban areas, but not specifically allowed.

The Hurt study on motorcycle safety (the onlt credible study to date) found no correlation between lane splitting/sharing and accident rates.

Mandating ATGATT? Hmmm. Don't know if I agree, but I practice it.
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