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Inside BMW: From skunk works to Motorrad Days

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Inside BMW: From skunk works to Motorrad Days

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World Class

A world class write up for a world class manufacturer.As I wait for other print publications again MO supplies me with a great read online real time.BMW offers a full line of mouth watering products and all world class.Keep up the good work gentlemen.I believe there will always be room in my garage for BMW.

It looks like corporate America is running under the delusion that they must keep certain CEO's or their business will be even worse. Kind of like we saved 3 million jobs. From a realist perspective incentive should be based on profitability.Not to be confused with profit at any cost.I have no doubt Harley Davidson fears becoming a business modeled like BMW.They dissolved Buell and could not develop the V-Rod engine without outside help.They do not seem interested in developing their business past their historic offerings.Pitiful just pitiful.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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