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Inside BMW: From skunk works to Motorrad Days

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Inside BMW: From skunk works to Motorrad Days

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And we have Harley, content to pump out yet another iteration of the same damn bikes they've been building for over a century.

BMW seems a lot more willing to re-invest in themselves and their products. Look at what they've done in the past few years: they basically invented and own the ADV catagory. The S1000R blew away decades of Japanese domination of superbikes for the masses.

Maybe Harley has an R&D center, but I'll bet it's full of stylists figuring out the newest paint job for their old bikes, and not engineers building a new engine design.
Good grief, that is insane. "The company ended the fourth quarter with a loss $218.7 million, its first quarterly loss in 16 years." If that's not enough to get the guy dumped, what is?

Then again, GE's value dropped by 2/3 under Jeff Immelt (he's the genius who dumped GE Plastics and several other "boring manufacturing divisions" in favor of GE Captial, which got killed by mortgage securities fiasco) and he got paid a One Quarter Beellion Dollars (insert Dr. Evil sound bite here). He's still at the helm.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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