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Insurance Recommendation Needed.

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The first time I changed insurance companies was when I bought my first "sport bike" about 6 years ago. Because I never owned another sport bike before, my current insurance provider was going to have my rates go through the roof. I looked around, and found an insurance company whose rate was literally over a thousand dollars a year less than my first quote. But, since that time, I ended up with Geico, because they are now the cheapest insurance provider I found for the bike I have and based on my personal information. If you're unhappy with the quote your insurance company gave you, I'd get other quotes. At least if the other quotes aren't any better you won't feel like you're getting ripped off!
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You're right- McGraw (Pacific Specialty Insurance Co) WILL classify it as a sportbike. So will Progressive, US Insurance, AIG, Grange, Rider and three or four others. Where do you live and mayb I can Help. It IS what I do for my living. If I can't be direct help, I'll be glad to point you in the right direction.
Find a new insurance company.

As the others have stated, different companies will classify the bike differently. The Futura seems to be one of the most sportbike-like of the sport-tourers but it is not a sportbike, certainly not by today's standards.
Yeah, but compared to what? It's the exact same motor as the RSV. I think that the frame is the same, as well.

He does need to switch but don't expect to find a huge selection of companies. Geico, maybe. American Modern Insurance and Dairyland might be good. But State Farm or Liberty Mutual may qualify the bike based on CC size, instead of bike classification. PSIC isn't your friend on this one, that's for sure.
I don't know if this will be much help. we have 8 bikes in the garage this morning. i don't have full coverage on any of them. 5 are gsxrs less than three years old. two are racebikes which i don't insure at all. but she who must be obeyed says that progressive has been our best bet over the years. we can have as many as 12 bikes at a time depending. we have tried a lot of different companies over the years. congrats on your new steed. the futura is really comfortable. i wouldn't mnd one. one weird deal with progressive is that we can only insure 4 bikes per policy. i wonder why that is, but it's not my area of concern. i'm chief purchasing agent.
can you help me figure out wehter i should insure my racebikes
K&K Brokerage out of NY or somewhere up there. If you don't remember they were Benny Parson's car sponsor in the early 70's.
You're right, of course. The Futura uses a detuned version of the same Rotax V-twin and the older gen RSV. The chassis is different, though.

And no, he won't have a huge selection of companies to choose from but it's worth a look.
Sad that ol' BP isn't with us any longer.
"she who must be obeyed" - funny

Boortz uses that line.

the 4 bike deal- exposure of losses. It's their (and dozens of other companies) way of controlling loss on any one paticular policy.
True- He really was the "original" Nascar spokesman.
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I'm a young rider, with less than 2 years "licensed" to ride a motorcycle and most quotes I got were outrageous. I'm originally from California, but I'm in CO now and the rates were still really high for anything deemed a "sport" bike. The lowest I've seen by far, believe it or not, was State farm. It was comming out to between 174 a month all the way up to something like 500 a month for comprehensive with the lowest being Progressive. State farm quoted me 36 bucks a month for comprehensive... and it would have been 16 a month had I had a car insured with them. I was suprised since they seem to be one of the higher cost auto insurance companies, give them a look.
I use State Farm for everything, they base on engine displacment and driving record. Also the more products and services of theirs you use like auto-home-life the more discounts you get for each facet.

When my Trophy got munched a couple of years ago they were right there so I have no complaints with them.
I use Progressive. When I wrecked my bike they paid off everything and were tough on the shop to make sure things were fixed right. Playing with the Progressive website insurance estimator, I did notice that the insurance coverage on my bike is much cheaper in Seattle area than longride's home town of Chicago Ill. Especially the medical payments. Must be the lack of a mandatory helmet law in IL. as acecycleins pointed out in a helmet thread. Freedom ain't free huh GPTB? ARK is thinking about bringing back it's helmet law. Too many Bubbas crashing on their Harley's and having the state take care of their medical bills sez a State Legislator.
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OK I was bored and it looked like this thread might petter out. Going for ride now. A few rain drops and cool just enough to keep rift raft off my kroad. I 'll bet the will have doubled when I get back. longride must be in Ft Liquordale or Miami for the game. Bears lose by 14..
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