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My fiancee has state farm. About 3 months ago her Subaru WRX was hit when parked and messed up pretty well, broke some suspension stuff and bashed the rear quarter panel up. She went though her insurance gave them all the info of the guy that hit her.

She took it to a shop and it was there for 2 months. They estimated the damage at $8k but they didn't count replacing the wheels. One wheel was destroyed and they don't make those wheels anymore. Insurance is giving us a hard time and refusing to pay for 4 new wheels, they want to try and find a used wheel instead. There's also a crack on the windshield that wasn't there before, state farm doesn't believe us and says it wasn't from the accident.

We finnaly got the car back last week and it's still messed up. The doors aren't aligned very well there's a squeek that wasn't there before and the door that was closest to the impact won't open from the inside.

We complained to the shop about the alignment when we first saw the car. They said they'd work on it we came back a few days latter once they said it was done... still bad just in a new way. I complained again and they said it was as good as it was going to get. WTF? If they can't fix a car correctly shouldn't they total it? I'm not sure what to do now.. we're going to take the car back to an insurance adjuster I guess.

To top it all off the tow truck damaged the nose of the car towing it.

Anyway, after this I'm going to look into putting her on my AAA policy.

I have my bike insurance through AAA - full coverage $360 / year with a $100 deductible. This is for my Aprilia RS250, I think they must still go by the cc method there or it'd be higher with my couple of tickets and only being 26. I was hit by a lady that had progressive and they were very good about taking care of my bike. They cut me a check for $1200 same day. This was after my EX500 was backed into by a SUV while parked.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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