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Intermot 2007 Special MO Preview!

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Love the Harley!
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Harley has a cool product with the new Sportster.
I understand Harley's hesitancy in committing to this bike. They tried similiar tacts in 77/78 with the XLCR and in 83/84 with the XR1000(a better analogy since it too was inspired by the XR750). Neither bike sold well,although they are now increasing in value as collectible classics. I truly like the new bike but I wonder if it would be well received;the HD cruiser rider wont be interested and folk interested in a more sporty ride would likely go for the Buell. I'm not sure who the targeted demographic would be.
Looks like Harley took some cues from Ducati. Finally a HD I'd own.

It's baffled me for years why the Sportster could'nt have the same mill as the Buell. Oh wait............... I know why
I've seen some of the harley xr stuff around on the net. Anyone else thinking Superhawk front and tail?

Anyway, could there be legal issue with Buell that would not allow harley to sell a "sporty" 1200 in the US?

This is the bike that will be H-D's big crossover. It looks like if the Buell guys built a sportster! This is the light, sport-touring platform that I've been waiting for!

Make sure it has ADJUSTABLE forks and shocks, comp, reb, and preload.

I'll put up a deposit NOW.

Now if they'd just bring back the XLCR cafe racer...
At one time HD owned 49% In '97 they the controlling shareholder.
Harley owns a controlling interest in Buell (if not all).
You beat me by 1.5 seconds.
At one time HD owned 49%. In late '97 they became the controlling shareholder.
Wow a Harley that looks almost modern. It's a retro right kind of like the new Mustang, Camaro, Barracuda, Challenger,, hey I see a trend here. Harley's during the 90's were the mid-life crisis toy of choice for Boomers. I think this Harley could be the last harrah for the Boomers.. I have to admit it looks cooler that the usual HD specially with those pipes. But I doubt Gen Y will buy it neither will young Europeans. Sorry GPTB i call I as I see them (Howard Cosell was mentor of mine)

SuperMotos look cool. Nice preview MO thanks good write up.

Yep I don't see how there could be a legal issue. HD owns it all now... Are they going to sue themselves?
I'll agree with these other people, that Harley looks great. It just looks like a naked street bike and not like HD is milking 1950s heritage.

Also, that B-King is sexy as hell. A 1300 isn't really my thing but the styling is awesome.
I get the ownership part. Still; I sell you all rights, but you can't compete in the "x"

Happens all the time. It's not like HD has any risk in sending any model to the network of dealers. Just seems odd they wouldn't launch that here in the states.
If H-D is still selling all the bikes they can build, I don't think dealers would want a bike that won't sell taking up floor space. Don't forget that the uber-cool Super Glide Sport - the only Big Twin I ever lusted for - has been discontinued. This Sportster would seem to be the same sort of bike. The marketing guys figure Americans don't want this kind of Harley, I guess.

Buell has nothing to do with it - Harley owns them. If Harley says jump, Eric gets airborne. Besides, nothing in the Buell lineup seems like a direct competitor. The Lightnings are hooligan bikes, the Firebolts are sportbikes, and this Sporty looks to be a roadster.

My question is, why do the marketing guys think Europeans would be interested in a bike that harkens to old American dirt-trackers?
"Harley's during the 90's were the mid-life crisis toy of choice for Boomers."

I wrote a lengthy post years ago on why "mid-life crisis machine" is bullsh!t. Short version - a 40-something guy gets that "toy" because he's wanted it all of his life but first had to buy the dinette set, mortgage, braces, college fund, minivan, etc etc etc. It's not a "mid-life crisis", it's a mid-life "now I can stop sacrificing myself for everyone else and finally spend some of my money on myself." He didn't suddenly get the urge for a sports car - he had to put it on hold.

Any wife who sneers that "mid-life crisis" crap at her husband should be given a lecture on being grateful. And quiet.
Did i push a button. Sorry. You make an excellent point. Seriously I don't think it will appeal to Gen Y.

I wonder when the Boomer dollars will dry up.. Seems like this bike should of been put out a few years ago.
You nailed it.

"My question is, why do the marketing guys think Europeans would be interested in a bike that harkens to old American dirt-trackers?"

You nailed it.. Also Fenton is mistaken. Harley does what it wants cause it owns Buells ass and would they sue themselves for marketing infringgement ? Sounds pretty far fetched.
..because all us europeans, deep down, really want to be american :)
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