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That's what I thought too. But everyone has been on their best behavior so far. Or hasn't had their coffee yet, same difference. :)
Coffee? I ain't finished with my Demon RUM.

Unfortunately I am having trouble posting in this thread as Tiger Woods is staring at me on the right hand side of my screen and I swear his eyes move when I type.

Why is he smiling? Sure, I can't play golf. A golf course is a terrible waste of what could be a fine Motocross venue. Or a rifle range. There! I said it!

Now, back to the point-(yes, I am capable) my wife lost a bet. She is signed up for the MSF basic course and will take it in July. I am looking forward to her shopping for her first motorcycle. I will be buying it, of course. I hope they take expired Burger King coupons...
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