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Does Colin Edwards have the right stuff for MotoGP?

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Interview with the Champ: Colin Edwards @MO

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Very cool. Thanks!

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Colin's the man, but I wish he woulda signed my HRC hat at Suzuka! No worries.

As a proud owner of a Mille I guess I'm just elated to have a supremely skilled, no b/s rider like Edwards at the helm of Aprilia's GP bike. With Edwards AND Haga now going up against Rossi, Barros, Bayliss and everyone's going to be a season to remember.
I like Colin's down to earth style. I hope he does well even though he is not on a Honda any more.


I had hear that somewhere else about Bostrom. He had wanted last years bike because it was better with Dunlops but Ducati wouldn't let him run it for reasons unknows (but probably obvious) so he had to deal with rear end chatter all season... Sounds like Mladins issue too. He complained about the same thing.

Dunlop needs to get their act together.
You get to have drinks and talk with the World Champion and the best you can do is Chevys? Man, you guys suck! :) Please tell me you didn't stick him with the tab...
Well, being a fellow Texan, Chevy's might have been Colin's idea as it's decent TexMex and passable margaritas.

I only have one fear of where Colin may have underestimated. Hauling the baby around! As a new dad myself I'm continually amazed at how much infrastructure you have to haul around to support a little bitty kid. Aprilia will probably have to buy a second transporter!

The best to Colin, he has the sportbikers and MX'ers in the Lone Star state rooting for him!

In my dreams, I beat him at Oak Hill.

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That was great, I learned a new use for "F*^ck Off!" That's why the Honda moto-GP team picked Hayden, they can't stand rough edges, they want someone they can mold/control. And they didn't want Colin whipping Rossi's butt! Too bad! Colin's gonna to do it on an Aprilia!
Superbike World Champion...and you guys take him to Taco Johns?!?!?! Other than that, good interview. Happy holidays, Snack

P.S. SnacktimeKC on MotoGP X-Box live.
Good job MO

I love this stuff. I love Edward's attitude. Go Tornado! MotoGP is going to be fun to watch.
Given what I know about Colin, someplace like Chevy's is what I expect he would prefer.

And, given his reported $6million contract with Aprilia, he can better afford the tab than can MO -- although I am fairly confident that we did, in fact, pick it up.

This is one of the best interviews with Colin I have read -- good job guys, let's try get more. Maybe you could arrange a semi-regular series of reports through the season -- perhaps with Nicky as well.
Re: Good job MO

I agree. Colin is one Hell of a guy, on, as well as off, the track. I really like his no bull$hit attitude. In spite of what some consider to be rough edges, he has always been a real class act. The kind of sportsmanship he and Bayliss both showed last season is a great model that a few other riders I can think of could emulate!

MotoGP is gonna be effin' great next year, with several new riders as well as new teams which should keep Rossi honest. I am a big Rossi fan, and I probably would not bet much money against his repeating for the championship, but I would bet that it is no runaway like last year.
Forget the Chevy's, that's the MO office?

I have a bigger TV sitting in my garage under garbage...and yet there was Colin having fun on it...

just goes to show you even though now very rich he is very cool.

XBOX MotoGP rules!
Re: Good job MO

I agree with your comments about Rossi. Given the competive spirt of Edwards and Bayliss if their bikes don't fail them Rossi probably won't dominate.
Snobbery will get you nowhere!

Glad you all had a chance to glimpse the down-to-earth-tell it-like-it-is-regular-guy side of Colin. One more very good reason to root him on this year. Believe me, if Colin had wanted champagne and caviar for lunch, we would have been "dining" at Chaya. The fact is he was in the mood for Mex and Maggies (OK so he did order a "Cadillac" Margarita) so that's what we had! Believe it or not these rich guys occasionally eat something other than fish eggs!

Eric Bass
Re: Forget the Chevy's, that's the MO office?

Just tell us when you'll be home Jordan and we'll be over with a Goldwing and a trailer to pick up our slightly used new TV. Thanks bruddah! You da man!

Eric Bass
Re: Snobbery will get you nowhere!

I dunno, my impression is that Colin would call the finest Beluga caviar; "Bait"
"...admit that you're not even as fast as Colin in your dreams. "

Hah! Back a half decade or so ago, I had better lap times at Texas World Speedway than Colin!

Of course, I was racin' my old Hawk and he was just hangin' with some of his old buds, butt...
You missed the most important question, what is Colin's XBOX MotoGP user name! That way, it won't be so bad loosing to a real champ (instead of some spoiled teenager).
Sorry boyz, No chance for him @ GP!

Honda will kick his ASS.... Big time!
Awesome. Content like this, (and the Ludington and Foggy stuff in the past--off the top of my head), while probably less visited on the site, I appreciate quite a bit. Thanks.
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