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EX250? Unreliable?

I don't believe that's an accurate comment.

Indeed, the EX250 is bought by a lot of first time riders who ride them iinto the ground, before ever having the chance to discover what a capable little bike it *can* be. Sure, you're not going to win any speed records on one, but an experienced rider can certainly hold their own in twisty sections against just about any bike, except for pesky RS125's and their ilk.

New riders that ignore some simple break-in procedures (NOT those specified by Kawi) can indeed significantly shorten an EX250's potential lifespan. But well maintained ones commonly reach well over 50k and more on the clock.

As the bike has essentially changed little for almost 15 years now, parts are plentiful. And while the aftermarket has mostly ignored the bike in favor of higher margin stuporbikes a devoted core has figured out the most effective upgrades.

Sure, you'll never get past the outdated frame and even a "simple" wheel upgrade to get some decent choices of rubber is expensive. And true, you can only squeeze so much blood from a stone. 37bhp is about the max, from a stock 27 or so. BUT, it certainly *is* a fine bike to learn how to go quicker than snot on.

And they DO make one hell of a trackbike. :)


AFM #250 (was #610)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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