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Is every Buell a unreliable POS ??????

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OK Here is my rant, bought a 1999 Buell X1 Lightning Limited Production, new.
In less than 11,000 miles I have had to replace the muffler 4x due to the weld at the muffler "elbow" failing. Buell customer service says they are not aware of this part being a problem. Odd since I met Eric Buell @ 1999 Buell Rally @ Taoes N.M and several other riders also pointed out the problem.
I have also had the rocker box gaskets replaced due to leaking. So far these two problems are not that big a deal.

This spring as I was looking forward to a new riding season, while getting ready to ride, X1 was leaking fuel at the fuel line/fuel filter connection. Ok, rotate the rubber fuel line a bit on the filter and leak stopped. Ok now lets start and go ride. Crank crank crank start sputter cough stall, crank crank crank start run stall, crank crank start run stall. Crank crank crank crank nothing. Engine cranks, no spark. Fk it, park it and take out Harley and go ride. This fall had the Buell X1 towed to a dealership, I figured it was either a bad cam sensor, bad ign coil, or ECM (I had replaced the ECM with a used one and had no spark yet, so had it towed). I figured this will be a several hundred$$ repair at the worst. No such luck. The gear that drives the oil pump lost several teeth and pieces of it went throughout the engine while trying to start. Now the engine is scored and is toast. I was told that if I were at freeway speed when this happened, the engine likely would have grenaded. All in less than 15,000 miles !!!!! This X1 was very well maintained, and is a monumental disappointment. The cost of engine repair or replacement will be near the current value of the bike. This was a waste of hard earned money purchasing this bike !!!!!!
It was fun to ride when it did run. Buell American Motorcycles???? Is this usual for a Buell ???
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well I have a 2007 XB12R and have put 12000khs on it I have bilt my own mufler as all the outher ones looked ugley Iv put after market ECU in and [email protected] filter I have had no problems with it and love it own the corners
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