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Is every buell a Pos? Yes and no.

I've owned my 1998 White Lightnig since 2005. I purchased it for 3700$
I have dumped about 3000$ into it for maintenance and needed aftermarket upgrades to keep it rolling. So far the front forks have blown seals 3 times, rear shock blew out 3 times, 1 titanium race header granaded and the stock pipe stupid brackets too many times to list, 2 mufflers, 1fell off and 1 literaly exploded, 2 ignition modules, 1 camposition sensor, and many light bulbs.
Sounds bad, not reliable... It was frusterating. Parts arn't cheap and Harley Davidson dealerships don't know a thing about buells. But after making the bike the way buell should have from the factory, it is by far the most serious track and drag Muscle bike I have ridden. The term street bike is an understatement. This bike is a full race bike and rides accordingly. Intake, carb, ignition, exhaust, and an overbore with 10.5:1 compression. 115HP, 115 LBS! 1st to 100mph every time. A real Monster Street Fighter can live with TLC!
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