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Is this the new Honda ST1300?

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Hmmmmm, I think I like it.

Vestiges of the Pacific Coast - something of a half boat tourer. Looks like they put their linked braking system on it (of course) but pretty nice looking bike. Hopefully it handles well and at 1300 should go pretty quickly. The head, poking through the plastic looks pretty small for a 13 though.

Competetion for the new Yam FJR? More on the tour side of sport than the yam though.
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Hmmm. Looks like Honda took a few cues from BMW's sport touring bikes. Is that an adjustable windscreen? It sure looks that way. The seat even appears to be adjustable, like the R1100RT.

If they cut the weight from the ST1100, this should be a very interesting ride.
Very nice. A worthy and modern successor to the venerable ST-1100.
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Sorry AHM is bummed; didn't this happen to HD on the VROD release too, several weeks ago? It's going to become increasingly difficult to keep a lid on these announcements.

Anyway, I think it looks great. I understand the US isn't getting it as a regular 2002 model, but hopefully as an early or regular 2003 model. If the pricing is reasonable, put me down for one. It looks like they've made a number of welcome improvements, yet hopefully retained the practical, bulletproof character of the ST1100.

I predict this will be a leading Tourer/Sports Tourer for many years to come. Hopefully if there are any design or manufacturing glitches in this new model, they'll get worked out during the initial production for the Euro market.
that's great and all, but where are the spy photos of the new VFR?

That's what I wanna see!!
Yeah, it does look like a nice touring bike, but yes, it also has those effing linked brakes. If Honda wants my business, they'll have to offer a no-linked brake option.
Sure looks real to me. Can't detect any photo jobs or a Photoshop touch-up (where is often notorious for).

Heard rumors that the new ST may have a variation of the VTEC engine management feature (a totally new '02 Interceptor is supposed to debut with VTEC as well).

Guess we'll have to wait until the Milan Show on the 19th or Honda's website on the 20th. Damn the anticipation!
EXACTLY.... that's what I've been waiting to see too. We'll know in a couple weeks, I guess.
Looks like a nice update on the ST1100. I notice they moved the bag latches away from the exhaust pipes. 'Bout time. The bags look kinda small, though.
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Don't forget this happened to Triumph with the Bonneville last year, too.
The valve cover looks like instead of being a V4 that the engine is a large V2 like a Moto Guzzi.

Remember the Honda Silver Wing 500/650 cc touring bike?


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No! It can't be true - '02 Euro release only?

If that's accurate I think Honda's making a huge marketing blunder.

First, they're missing an opportunity to get leg up on Yamaha.

Second, the sport-touring market is primed for real growth.

Imagine a legion of arthritic squids realizing they can actually enjoy riding a motorcycle more than 3 blocks? Add in a few trillion X HD riders - you know the ones, they're filling up the Sunday classifieds lately.

There's a huge new sport-touring market.

Tell me it ain't so. '03's too far off!
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If this IS the new ST1300, it's a pretty damned good tribute to the original. It's a little more "Star Trek" than the '90 design, but I think the original looks better, even today. Fashion fades. It will be fun to read the old VS. new comparisons infinitummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Tire sizes

Did anyone else notice that the front tire is an 18"er?
The head on the prev gen. isn't much different in size. It does look a bit narrower, like they changed something about the cam drive.


I am sure that this will be a great bike however, I sure wish Honda would have made their "Sport Touring" bike look a little less like a Gold Wing and more like a sport bike (ala, Triumph sprint st, BMW R1100s, Concourse). That boulbus cartoonish look would steer me away as a possible coustomer.
I'll simply service and polish my '94 ST1100 for another 1-3 years and await another MO sport-tourer multi-bike shootout.


Members of the US ST1100 maillist already have started questioning graphical flaws in the picture.

Ill believe it when I see it, but this design looks very good indeed. My first impressions are a bit


1. Bags look smaller than present ST (big No-No)

2. Cylinder head looks too small for a 4-cyl bike

(and where is the oil filler cap?)

3. This may be a mock-up picture; see in front of

the Honda-wing logo at tank; discoloration

4. Rear end of pictured motorcycle looks very much

like the X-Wing mock-up.

5. I love the present ST1100 28 litre fuel capacity,

while this mootersickle has a conventional top-

mounted tank not looking that big - big No-No!

regards & STill sceptical until I see one for real
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Though I'm not into anything with "tourer" in the name for myself, I hope that this is real for those who are. It looks great.
You looking more for something like a VFR with bags?
Trust me, this ain't no mock-up. The gas tank discoloration is from the lighting angle - creating the shadowing effect.

If you look at the rest of the bodywork, the same effect can be seen at certain angles. Mock-up photos don't produce the same effect unless they're done in house at ILM (Industrial Light and Magic - famous for creating CGI for Hollywood blockbusters).
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