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Isle of Man TT preview

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Is there going to be any T.V. coverage?? Man, I hope so!

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Hey speaking of T.V. coverage I just spent the weekend in Townsvulle Austrailia those people don't know how lucky they have it. I watched more motorcycle racing in the three hours I spent in a bar than I have in a long time. What really blew my mind is how little Austrailians care about motorcycle racing. I have been to Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, and Townsville and those Aussies never watch any motorcycle racing. I even asked a bunch of people at local dealerships in Townsville and they said they never watch racing. Most of them have never even heard of Mladin, Gobert, or even Bayliss
On speed TV's website they have quite a bit of coverage of the main races (Formula 1 TT, Senior TT etc.). Just check under program schedules.
Good to hear from you 4in6. What the Aussies do know about is rugby football of one form or another be it union, league or Aussie rules. As far as motorsport goes V8 Supercar racing is the go with them all driving Aussie built Fords and Holdens and then they will know the top names - Skaife, Bright, Murphy (and they remember their old heroes Brock and Johnson). Who?? I guess you Americans are saying. Cheers from across the Tasman in New Zealand.
i am from akron, but living in london and working for superbike magazine. i know the coverage in the states is minimal, but that's too bad because it was absolutely incredible. i went for a bit of practice week and for saturday's f1 race. the bottom of bray hill at 180mph?...madness! jefferies then breaks the lap record...twice!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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