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Israeli Invents Air-Conditioned Motorcycle

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I already have one, it's called a tank top.

Although if I ever crashed, I'm basically corned beef. Only did it to pick up groceries though.

BTW did the "airbag" vest idea ever got into production?
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"fits in the bike storage compartment." I'm screwed, my CBR won't even hold a CD. Granted there is a powercommander and alarm in there.
Hmmm. Claims to cool without a compressor. Swamp cooler anyone?

The inventor says he doesn't even ride. I'd be interested to see what it looks like.

looks like a squirt gun with a mechanical trigger-puller would be my guess
If the inventor's investors want to protect him, keeping him off of a motorcycle should be the last of their concerns. They need to get him out of the middle east. Park his butt in Nevada and let him go at it.
Anyone remember the AGV AC'd helmet? I recall that it was expensive and did not work very well.

If it works and is affordable....bring it on!
There have been times during the summer here in the Sacremento valley that I would have killed to get some cool air anywhere on my body. VWW
I tell "them" that my 'stitch is air-conditioned.

On those really hot days when I pull into a gas station they always have a comment. "Hot enough for you in that ski suit?" I just smile and say, "it's air-conditioned." They ask, "Air-conditioned? Really???" "Oh yeah!" I say, "It's got this evaporative cooling system that works wonders on days like these!"

Some people smile at that point while others turn away whispering to themselves, "What'll they think of next?!?"

It's amazing how comfortable a wet shirt can be with all the vents open.
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Really. I'll take 110 in dry Phoenix or Salt Lake any day rather than 100 in muggy Sacramento.

Up here 130 miles north of Sacto it's pretty dry, and realllly hot. VWW
I wonder if it uses piezo-electric cooling. Doesn't add up though - I thought those units only had a very limited output. If it's evaporative cooling then I'm not going to prepare myself for being overwhelmingly impressed.
All he needs to invent now is some sort of bullet/bombproofing and he'd have the perfect vehicle for riding around Israel.
Sign me up!! I live in the San Joaquin Valley, 5 months of summer, HOT summer, this thing would be great.

Actually, this may be in the real of the possible.

As I understand it, the Army developed a portable cooled helmet that was very effective and light. There problem was that the rest of the body overheated, and the wearer still felt cool. I do not know what further developments have been made.
Re: Actually, this may be in the real of the possible.

Re: Actually, this may be in the real of the possible.

That's an intelligent statement.
Re: Actually, this may be in the real of the possible.

you're an intelligent statement
you can not say that an Israel or a Muslim invent something, you should say his nation so it's a Moroccan how invemt the air-conditionned motorcycle

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