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It could cost you $10,000.

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This is the cost of assholes who don't show restraint and ***** off the public with their outrageously loud ****boxes.
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Well,I`m OK.I can still change the cams on my old Kawi Tripple 750.
IIRC correctly, it is already a federal offense to modify the emissions systems, including intake and exhaust, on any vehicle operated on public roads.
I have a set of performance cams for this bike if you need them. They're right next to the RD350 intake valves.
Gee, wanna trade a diesel sparkplug wrench for them?
I think it's a very positive thing. Heaven forbid that Harley make a motor that doesn't need to be bored, stroked, cammed, and straight pipes to be able to get out of it's own way.

Anyways don't the "real" Harley guys only ride knuckleheads and panheads anyway. I can't see how this is possibly a bad thing.
Also it's pretty funny that American Iron has the article.

"It is really hard to believe that innovation could be squashed. Of course this would probably only effect the small guys. The big guys could just keep making bikes the same or worse. Where will the competion come from?"

Hmmm, okay whatever that means.. innovation, not sure if I know what he's talking about. They're just mad they can't sell crappy motors then charge an arm and a leg to bump them up..

It's kinda like selling a KIA and then charging $15000 to bump the power up. If you really need to go faster just buy something fast to begin with. I compare Harley guys with all the kids running around in riced out Civics making a lot of noise. No power at all, but they spend thousands making noise and pretending they have something high performance..

You're wrong. Real Harley guys ride Shovels.
We need more mountain lions and grizzlies to kill and eat more humans. Then there wouldnt be so much pollution or so many regs aimed at reducing it. The wolves up in Idaho should chip in too. Theres enough stupid ****s up there to keep the wolves fed for many a year. Yeah, theyre stupid ****s who happen to be armed but I say the ********ers are too dumb to be dangerous. Go get em wolves!
I was going to respond to this posting until I read the reply's already posted and laughed! They already said what I was thinking! Oh, let me add: To think the "big guys" would consider small high end makers or garage built bikes "competition" is a joke. The fine for emission tampering has already been there as mentioned by other MO readers, so that's nothing new. This just means those ridiculous priced Harley clones have to adhere to the same principals as all the rest of the motorcycle producers. I am sure companies like Big Dog would have no problem with this law and are prepared for it. Companies like Confederate are making less than 50 probably anyways so it's not a problem for them either. Maybe if we stop these loud, slow, and unsafe to ride bikes, there would be a lot less new laws trying to pass against the motorcycling communtity as a whole.
This has been true for cars along. If you read the EPA rules they state you can’t change anything that alters the emissions output on a car. It also covers 1979 and later motorcycles. That’s why Triumph sells "For Off Road Use Only" mufflers for the Bonneville as an option. When ordering after market speed parts for cars, check to see if it meets EPA and or CARB standards. If they do, they have been certified. I’m sure one day, motorcycles will have to conform if they are required to go through emissions testing.
Will modified bikes that have to meet all the requirements of the original model (brakes, safety, emissions etc) have much appeal to the market? These laws have been around most countries for years, and actually heavily enforced in some.
I'm not a big fan of the import/race car fad. However, be careful you aren't racing a 400hp civic.

I don't know how long the motors are supposed to last but those guys build "some" very quick cars.
As I sat in the store the other day waiting for the wife I read this article. I admit I'm a closet chopper guy I guess (But in no way will I ever give up my Duc!) I was a bit shocked at what was said in this article but it is a long time coming. When I moved out to NorCal in 2000 I was suprised how no one in the canyons modified the engines (pipes, etc). Everyone did suspension, tires, light weight rims, etc but not one even touched the exhaust. I found out why when I went and license my bike in CA. They checked everything! They even had pictures of the stock bike and what should be on there. I was lucky, I still had all the "stock" parts and was able to get everything bolted back up. Actually when I road my 929 over to the DMV I was shocked just how quiet my bike really was and how little the half system really gave me. I ended up leaving the stock parts on my bike, selling everything on Ebay and using that money to have Lindermann out in Campbell rebuild my suspension. Later when I moved back to Minnesota to be with my wife (dumb move gang). I sold my 929 and picked up a 999. The first thing the stealship asked me was what exhaust I wanted to order. I looked at them and said that was against the law but I will take a full Ohlins system! Really I don't agree with this "law" but I can see the mind set of all riders will have to change...

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I think basically you're right about spending money on suspension, etc being more productive, since most sportbikes already have more performance than 99% of the riders out there can use in the real world.

The thing is, part of the whole motorcycle experience is making the thing your own. I've got a pretty stock VFR, engine wise, but I like bar end mirrors, and I have put on a higher windscreen to cut down on the buffeting caused by my particular physique. A guy a few inches shorter or taller would not like what I have done, and you either like bar end mirrors, or you don't.

The point is, I want my bike the way I want it, and I don't want any ******* in a suit telling me what I can and can't do.
Only flat sides, cone motors are bowling balls and don't count.
You must not have too many Asians where you live, some of them little gang-bangers around here build cars that'll run away and hide from just about anything slower than a Hayabusa. Just giving credit where it's due.

As far as Harleys go the new Street Rod runs and handles good enough to be compettitive on the street with just about anything else out there, unless you're dumb enough to treat public roads like your own personal race track.
I understand the angry reaction to government regulation. Nobody likes to be told what not to do. What’s not mentioned in the article are the negative repercussions of certain engine mods. Removing or bypassing emissions controls may net you a few horsepower, but only at the cost of higher pollution levels. I live in New Jersey & I have to breathe polluted air every day. It (literally & figuratively ) STINKS!!!!

As for loud pipes, the same principle applies. You may love the sound of an unmuffled chopper, but does that give you the right to disrupt the lives & damage the hearing of your fellow citizens?

I also disagree with the idea that these regulations "stifle innovation". Compare any pre emissions motor vehicle with the same type of vehicle today. Modern vehicles are better in every way & generate about 1/20 th the pollutants.

If you want to improve the performance & emissions on an old style chopper (or any older 4 stroke ) Install a modern engine management system. That would be innovative & responsible.

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