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I was going to respond to this posting until I read the reply's already posted and laughed! They already said what I was thinking! Oh, let me add: To think the "big guys" would consider small high end makers or garage built bikes "competition" is a joke. The fine for emission tampering has already been there as mentioned by other MO readers, so that's nothing new. This just means those ridiculous priced Harley clones have to adhere to the same principals as all the rest of the motorcycle producers. I am sure companies like Big Dog would have no problem with this law and are prepared for it. Companies like Confederate are making less than 50 probably anyways so it's not a problem for them either. Maybe if we stop these loud, slow, and unsafe to ride bikes, there would be a lot less new laws trying to pass against the motorcycling communtity as a whole.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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