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As I sat in the store the other day waiting for the wife I read this article. I admit I'm a closet chopper guy I guess (But in no way will I ever give up my Duc!) I was a bit shocked at what was said in this article but it is a long time coming. When I moved out to NorCal in 2000 I was suprised how no one in the canyons modified the engines (pipes, etc). Everyone did suspension, tires, light weight rims, etc but not one even touched the exhaust. I found out why when I went and license my bike in CA. They checked everything! They even had pictures of the stock bike and what should be on there. I was lucky, I still had all the "stock" parts and was able to get everything bolted back up. Actually when I road my 929 over to the DMV I was shocked just how quiet my bike really was and how little the half system really gave me. I ended up leaving the stock parts on my bike, selling everything on Ebay and using that money to have Lindermann out in Campbell rebuild my suspension. Later when I moved back to Minnesota to be with my wife (dumb move gang). I sold my 929 and picked up a 999. The first thing the stealship asked me was what exhaust I wanted to order. I looked at them and said that was against the law but I will take a full Ohlins system! Really I don't agree with this "law" but I can see the mind set of all riders will have to change...

1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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