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Italian designed helmets...

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Whoa, too euro-trash-fabulous for me. I like the jet fighter helmet idea though.
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what's that composite thing? The fighter helmets look like something out of Buck Rogers... and i mean that in a bad bad way.
Except for the Devil model, the rest look like they came out of the same design studio as the Multi-Strada and the 999. Michelangelo and Leonardo would be *****-slapping people by now.
Aren't these part of the power ranger suit?
So you want to know where to get these, do you?...
You can have them shipped here from England.
Check out the Roof and Simpson helmets, too.
the Fighter helmet looks like just the tickit for riding you Triumph Thruxton around
I like the compost helmet. But, I need a jet. I don't have a jet.
I have friends from Europe (fellow members of the Harry Reems Athletic Club) who rave about these helmets. How much do they like them? Well, one got left here (in Mouton Cove, Louisiana no less) accidently, on the next trip, back over the pond he went with his new Momo helmet and the one he left here....I don't think they have to coveted (and exceptionally useless) DOT certification, so you might have a few talks with the authorities when you get pulled over with one of these on. Of course, DOT stickers are readily available at most swap meets...

copied who?

That's a Chinese, not Japanese web sight my man....Like the Japanese have NEVER copied anything....
A fella might look pretty groovy riding a MV Agusta Brutale while wearing one of these.
To look groovy you would also have to wear a wide collared shirt with the top three buttons undone, and a large gold medalion. VWW
All I need is a blue one to complete my Cobra Commander halloween costume...
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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