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Italians master rear-view helmet technology

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I wonder if that new Italian helmet technology will allow me to look back in time, so I won’t buy that slightly used iron barreled DKW back in ‘76. Six gears and twelve neutrals.

But seriously, that technology would be great, considering I can’t see anything, except my armpits, out of the mirrors anyway.

Remember the Visor-Vu, marketed my Malcolm Smith back in the 70’s?

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If the technology works, I'm all over it. Probably best to let this concept mature and get support from more than one manufacturer.
You can get a mirror that will stick on your helmet at any bicycle shop. For less than a jillion dollars.

Too bad neither of the links work.
Blog doesn't work, but the other one does.
Blog link is fixed

Looks like a decent design, but I can't help but think it would be distracting.
Re: Blog link is fixed

I think it depends on how far down the mirror above your eyes hits, and how you wear a helmet.

My bigest concern would be lights behind you at night, I did not see any means to "dim" the light. Nothing ruins a night ride like blindness due to lights in the eyes.
Does the system include a target designator as an option?
Re: Blog link is fixed

If you get the chrome armchaps you can just hold a forearm in front of your face and see everything behind you. Of course everything is distorted like those amusement park mirrors but that just provides an extra chuckle during your morning commute.
Neither of them work for me. My mistake. Must be that our IT people are "improving" things again.

We have a pool going. The winner correctly picks the day of the month when the network comes to a halt bringing all work to a complete standstill for a couple of days.

Gotta love that microsoft system!!
Re: Blog link is fixed

One could probably find a 70s era leftover mirrored discoball that you could rig over the handlebars thereby affording a complete 180 degree view.

You might even attract Olivia Newton-John that way!

You'd probably end up with Andy Gibb though.
Well, here is the technology: (From the Reevu website, "")...

"It has taken 7 years of intense research and development to perfect the rear view system that is fitted in every Reevu bicycle helmet.

The patented multiple mirror system that is fitted within every Reevu bicycle helmet is a unique achievement of creative thinking and technical excellence. The mirror system is manufactured from a reflective polycarbonate material rather than glass. Unlike glass, this material is almost impossible to break and is lighter, providing additional safety and comfort to the wearer.

Put simply, the system effectively ‘bends’ the light around the shape of the top of the head – all within the moulding of the helmet – to provide a clear view of the road behind.

Early prototypes were met with absolute astonishment. It is so stunningly apparent from the first moment a Reevu helmet is worn that it really will make a huge difference to the safety of cyclists on our roads.

With product development now complete, Reevu is confident that its technology will transform the comfort and safety of cyclists who wear Reevu bicycle helmets."


I don't know about this. Anybody else ever driven in Italy? I don't recall anybody using any sort of rear-view mirror!
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I had a Visor-Vu. I spent so much time peering into the stupid thing I clipped a tree and broke two fingers, which now are prone to hurting when it's below 50' Not one of Malcom's better ideas

Besides my Trophy's so fast nothing can keep up anyway so who cares what's behind me
Re: Blog link is fixed

Cool idea, with buzz'zz comb-over and leisure suit the disco ball's a natural

He could synchronize the rotation with the Donna Summer CD in his geezer-glide


Have you seen/heard/ridden a RIII yet?

I've seen both the red and the black and heard one in the shop. The bike has several detail points the show bike did not have. It comes stock with a load of chrome. In fact, most folks are asking the dealer how much stuff he'd put on it.

Comes off the sidestand easier than my Sprint, but you feel the weight when you go to roll it to or fro. The greatest thing, though, is the throttle response. It revs like a 600 sport bike! First gear is pretty much useless, from what I understand. 3rd, 4th and 5th aren't really necessary either.

It desperately needs some "off-road" pipes, though. Very quiet exhaust.

Glad I like my ST so much! If I didn't, I'd be scrounging around looking for stuff to sell to get one o' dem Rockets!

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I noticed that the blog entry was dated October 8, 2003. Why haven't we heard anything about this in the last ten months? I have to wonder about a technology that claims to "bend" the light around the top of the helmet. Doing so in a manner that presents an unmodified virtual image to the wearer may be possible, but Reevu's information gives no hint as to how this is done. The drawing on Reevu's web page seems to show the light undergoing at least four discrete reflections. Each reflection would double the sweep in viewing angle with any rotation of the wearer's head. Add my name to the list of those who meet this announcement with "astonishment."
Toot toot, Beep beep

Bad girls, talkin' bout bad bad girls.
I saw, sat on, rolled around, leaned from side to side and heard one run. Didn't get to ride it though.

Really opened my eyes, I hadn't given them much thought as a possible next bike till I actually checked one out, now it's a possibility. I'm real happy with my Trophy so it's no biggie, but I do want another bike for poking around on. I've pretty much settled on a T100, Superglide or now the R3, I'll have to see when the time's right.

I just orderd a Corbin for my Trophy, I went on a 4 hour 300 mile loop around Mt. Rainer the other day and my butt was sufferin'. I've got a modified stock seat on there now but it's not working as well as I'd hoped for any kind of distance. I had a Corbin on my K100RS and it did well so I should be fine.

Longride rode an R3 the other day and he said it was a pretty fun bike, I'd love to take a crack at one, maybe Supertrapp will come up with a tuneable pipe for them.
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