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It's All About Her

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WooHooo! First post!

This is great; we need the ladies. They can help us keep more legislation from being passed against us....
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That's great, as long as they hang up their cell phones and stay away from VFR's at intersections.
Make sure they finish the housework, laundry and dishes before they take off.
They've been here all along! Their inate modesty and relatively smaller egos have kept them away from male bastions such as MO. Watch out ladies, you've been noticed.
Chicks Piloting Bikes

I have always found chicks piloting bikes a turn on...Its the chicks who are only passengers that are irritating & have no basis for any opinions about bikes....
My wife and 2 of her sisters are gettin' into riding this year... the youngest has already got her gear.

I'm stoked about it..

Plus... hey... what's hotter than a cute chick on a R-6?
Re: Chicks Piloting Bikes

{sigh} Okay, I'll jump in...

You ever think that a lot of those women riding on the pillion are equal -- or even better than -- in skill to the men piloting the bikes, and that getting typical alpha males to ride passenger is impossible? Men are absolute, complete gutless chickens when they're not in control of the vehicle they're piloting, self-proclaimed masters when they are.

Zero would be the number of times I've driven the likes of EBass or Sean around as passengers, countless the number of times I've ridden with them.

While I'm at it, guys, trying to do anything but cruise around slowly and safely with a woman on the back is a great way to get her to think you're a real yahoo. Popping wheelies, grinding things, speeding, it's not sexy. Showing that you care for her welfare by driving cautiously is the goods.

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What's hotter than a cute chick on an R-6?

Like Del McCoury says"Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme" and a Vincent Black Lightning 1952. The more women riding the better!
Re: Chicks Piloting Bikes

Ms, you miss my point...I believe that bikes should have solo seats....Bikes are not made and are in fact unstable with two people on them...........and yes I do find it comical that women who are merely passengers offer up opinions on bikes...........If a person does not ride and has less than 50,000 miles on bikes what advice could that person possible offer ?.....
Anyone who can quote Del McCoury is good with me!
Re: Chicks Piloting Bikes

"Bikes are not made and are in fact unstable with two people on them."

That statement is 100% incorrect. After stating that, I wonder what advice YOU could possibly offer.
Saw a cute blonde chick with long pony tail and tank top with big boobs and helmet matching her R6 pull a wheelie off the line here in Mesa AZ at Brown and Highly, to you U say AWSOME!!!
Re: Chicks Piloting Bikes

Man... what a load of bunk that is.

We're "scared" to be passengers... of course... just like we're "scared" to wear make-up.
That's pretty cool that her boobs matched her R6...
Re: Chicks Piloting Bikes

Until you brought it up, I never ever conceived of a man riding as passanger behind a woman. I find the image disturbing and will need therapy now. OK, I needed therapy anyway but I was putting it off. But if a woman (or man) knows how to ride, they probably have their own bikes anyway and this situation would be unlikely to happen, right ?
Re: Chicks Piloting Bikes

thats so true.....despite some enjoyable bumpy rides i have never been thrown off when riding behind a woman pilot !!!!!
I do believe that was Richard Thompson's song.
Her Wonder Woman "Golden Eagle" tank was at the dry cleaners. As for the monowheel shot - she was pobably startled by the race exhaust on gbrummett's XB12S!

Re: Chicks Piloting Bikes

The most irritating chick opinions I've ever had to listen to have all come from nurses who'd ER time under their belts. Apparently, irrigating gravel from a stranger's wounds will turn you into a strident safety expert faster than you can say "Joan Claybrook."
There are always exceptions

At my age (me and dirt showed up at about the same time) most of my female passengers not only have kids, they have grand kids - consequently, I tend to be careful. Hey, who wants to be known as the guy who clocked granny. Funny thing is, most of the ladies want to go fast - at least, in a straight line. In my experience, woman don't tend to like Gs and leaning over, so I don't.

Far as skills go: spacally, they are at a disadvatage - but that is more than made up for by lack of ego and a willingness to listen. Besides, they have better reflexes than men, and they tend not to lie (at least, about their riding abilities) as much as men.
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