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Re: Chicks Piloting Bikes

{sigh} Okay, I'll jump in...

You ever think that a lot of those women riding on the pillion are equal -- or even better than -- in skill to the men piloting the bikes, and that getting typical alpha males to ride passenger is impossible? Men are absolute, complete gutless chickens when they're not in control of the vehicle they're piloting, self-proclaimed masters when they are.

Zero would be the number of times I've driven the likes of EBass or Sean around as passengers, countless the number of times I've ridden with them.

While I'm at it, guys, trying to do anything but cruise around slowly and safely with a woman on the back is a great way to get her to think you're a real yahoo. Popping wheelies, grinding things, speeding, it's not sexy. Showing that you care for her welfare by driving cautiously is the goods.

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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