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It's not a rumor anymore

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thanks for finally posting this for me. Nice to see the "club" is alive and well at MO. i.e

Rememer boys always kiss longrides ass to get your post up.

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KPaul the Great Motorcycle Prophet has another prediction come true!

Bow to my greatness StraightRide.

All hail the new NR750.

ooooooh.... I'd damn near kill for an NR750!!! Has anyone had the opportunity to ride one? If so, please report... That thing must be absolutely awesome!
For $50~$60 grand I'll buy a couple of year old Range Rover and a Thunderbird Sport and ride to Olive Garden for a dose of Italian.

The "classic" GT Ducati's supposed to come out with next year would get my attention, the Desmosedici RR is just one more cool bike I don't have a hope in hell of owning.
Is that what I have to do? I submitted a question a week ago looking for folks' advice on some sport boots, and it still hasn't gotten posted. On Friday, after waiting for it to go up for about 5 days, I finally sent an e-mail to staff (using the E-Mail MO tool) politely asking why it hadn't been posted, and I haven't gotten any response about that either.
60 grand is just the buy in price. It'll probably cost that much again for the required 1000 kilometer checkup. Anyone that has set the vavles on a desmodromic engine will certainly cringe at the thought of setting 16 of them. VWW
If ass kissing is necessary to get a post up, I shudder to think what you have done to keep from being permanently 86ed from this forum. VWW
Too bad a sport boots thing would be a good post. Yes the click is longride then

Buz, Serusawacko, Sean, EBass, sportbike pilot etc get the picture. Ya get the picture.

I'm still waiting for someone to get the Spinal Tap reference.

Eric, where are you?
My guess is anyone who can afford 60 large for a motorcycle isn't going to care what maintenance costs and probably won't be taking advantage of Ducati's 3.99% financing either.

I'm not a likely owner but I'm happy for those who can afford something like this.

When I was a kid when I saw a Porsche or Ferarri, my dad would tell me to walk up to the person driving it and ask him what he did for a living. Maybe I'll ask that of the first Desmosedici RR owner I see.
Sixty grand does sound like a lot of money, but think of all the bike you're getting. Then, think of all the Kustom Choppers people are buying for probably even more money. I think those over-stressed tractor motors need to be REPLACED every 1000km.

But I don't know anything about choppers. Maybe I'm wrong. But, I'd bet Kpaul's life that the Duc will handle and do just about anything better than a chopper.
I'd bet KPaul's life that an elephant could fly if it flapped its ears hard enough.
I better call my attorney.. I know this will bring a divorce when I purchase it.. :)
Don't be a dyck. jus cuase your smarter then me and better looking and hold a steady job don't mean you should make fun of me at every oportunaty. Besides, can YOU roll away from a dead stop in sixth? --I can!
Sniff the Glove

I dunno, maybe he'll just choke on someone else's vomit.... ;)
Re: Sniff the Glove

[Insert segway here] So, Buzz, pretty please, would you post my submitted question about sportbike boots (submitted early last week)?

[This is as ass-kissy as I get. Anything more makes me think of the tossed-salad man.... ;) ]
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