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It's not a rumor anymore

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thanks for finally posting this for me. Nice to see the "club" is alive and well at MO. i.e

Rememer boys always kiss longrides ass to get your post up.

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Re: Sniff the Glove

The name of the album is Smell the Glove so no posting for you!

Seriously, I have nothing to do with what gets posted. I don't work here. I'm just a paying sucker like you.
Nice article, but he sure could have said a bit more about how the bike works. Porcupines suck. I would have had a heart attack if that happened to me. Poor guys. The writer and the dealer.
You know what they say

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Look at the sustain on this thing

But how am I supposed to ride a bike which is clearly capable of going to 11 without the proper footwear? ;)
That's funny. That KPaul is sure a prick. Good to see somone giving him some of his own medicine.
The rumor is

Buz was longride's agent back in their Porn days. longride used to nicknamed something else because Buz discovered longride in a bath house. longride has retired and now is a programmer in Chicago. Well he used to be a programmer, his job was outsourced to India last month. Now you know the reason longride posts Buz's work.

I sugest you read longrides review of jacket in the MO product review section and send him some suck up about his writing etc. That usually works for people. longrides photo is in the piece, if you watched any 80s porn you will recognize longstuff.
Re: You know what they say

Mockery is the sincerest form of .... ummmm......something.
Re: Look at the sustain on this thing

"I was influenced by Mozart and Bach so this is sort of a Moch piece."

"That's pretty. What do you call it?"

"This one's called Lick My Love Pump."
Cool bike but Unobtainium, so what's the point Ducati? And...current 999R riders get priority.
Whatever... I'm way more excited about the new XX.
Copy Cat Japanese

Think about this!

If Ducati Does It can the Japanese be far behind in releasing their own MotoGP replica bikes???

Could a Honda RC211V, Kawasaki ZX-RR & Yamaha YZF-M1 replica bike be coming to a dealer near you? And at a much lower price then the Ducati.
it's too expensive!

Who cares about a bike the average MOFO cannot afford? I'd be happy on the Monster 1000 or the Multistrada. If I want a V Four there is the mighty VFR. I owned a '96 and it was sweet! - Fuj
We already know that anyone who could buy these things is born with a silver spoon in his mouth or sells flood insurance to little old ladies in Palm springs.
Uhh, guys..?

When you posted your articles didn't you see the note stating there were 65 articles ahead of yours?

I've posted several articles, none of which were published. Doesn't hurt my ego one bit.

It's a motorcycle webzine, relax for chrissakes.

Well there is lots of poo-pooing here that we cannot afford it. The ticket here is that once out every motorcycle mag will be following all over themselves to get a ride/review. Also every bike oriented and performance oriented TV show will have a segment on it at some point (plus the usual Discovery mainstream shows etc.). This will make Ducati more a household name then it is now (say like Ferrari). All this free press will sell lots of monsters and plenty of T-Shirts.

In the end they better get it right. For the price I would expect this to be the fastest "production" bike in the world. If by the time the release it a GSXR750 is faster all is for not. Then they might as well be Jesse James....

There will be lots of rich people lining up to buy these just for the bling bling. Just like Ferrari (BTW where is the whining that we cannot afford a Ferrari???). Compared to the average Ferrari price this is a bargin!
Am I mistaken or is Kook posting even more insane drivel than usual? Change of medication? Or has the SS Mental Instability made port?

Sean should charge extra him for the bandwidth.
I'm not sure what MO pays to archive these fora, but I am sure that if KP's idiotic trolling were to be deleted the savings would be significant. VWW
Buz the person that can afford the upkeep on one of these babies is probably riding someone that looks like Lolita Davidovich. Wonder what the upkeep on her is?
Re: Sniff the Glove

Ah, sh*t. I just got to this item. I assure you that I immediately got the bizzare gardening accident reference. I attended the University of Squatney, you know...

..and dated Bobbie Fleckman...

...and studied with Sir Denis Eaton Hogg...

...and kicked Artie Fufkin's ass...

You get the picture.
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