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It's not a rumor anymore

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thanks for finally posting this for me. Nice to see the "club" is alive and well at MO. i.e

Rememer boys always kiss longrides ass to get your post up.

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Re: Sniff the Glove one knows where he came from. Or what he was doing here...
Yeah is there new CBR XX coming down the pipe? I am interested in this too....
Yeah... Honda is rumored to be working on a CBR XX. I think we're talking 1300cc's. put something up about it, and there has just been general chit chat about it for the last year or so.

I'm SO stoked about it.
I think I'll do something positivly unique and actually comment on the Desmosedici....with all those valve train gears, should make lovely music! the year 2040, an electronic avatar of Phil Read will read the narrative for "The Superior Sounds of IC Engines of Classic Street Bikes" or something like that. This bike will be featured on track number 3 of the download (as CD's and other personal media will be long extinct).
Re: Buz gets George W. Bush special treatment.

Dude, you're no prophet. I saw an interview with the head of U.S. Ducati last summer in which he hinted that this bike would be coming.

On another note: I think you're sexually attracted to Dubya.

Just a theory.
THANK YOU. As a idiotic 3X Ducati owner, it is painfully apparent that even if Jesus returned riding a Ducati, this group would bash the brand. You can buy a bike with 3 million h.p. for thousands less than a Duck, we get it. Thanks for the info. If I wanted a bike that 200,000 other people had, I would buy a Japanese bike. If I wanted a track bike to beat around on, ditto. People buy bikes because of the character of the machine, not just based on dyno tests.
I'd trust Dork Edge's mindless rants about as much as I trust Environmentalists.

Here's a quick list of his "predictions" that haven't come true.

Year 2000:

Suzuki RM400

VR1000-Engined Buell Sportbike

V-Twin V-max

2000cc V-max

Brand New 2001 Kaw. ZX-7R

Honda XR400 replacement

Year 2001:

Brand New Kaw. ZX-7R

New V-Max (again)


VTX800 naked bike


Aprilia RSV750

Triumph TT750

Suzuki RM400

Year 2002:

Suzuki RM400

2000cc V-max (again)

Hayabusa Standard

Suzuki RM460

Kawasaki KX400

Yamaha 4-stroke YZ80

Honda V-5 streetbike

New CBR1100XX

Suzuki RM450 (again)

Honda CBR1000

Yamaha 900cc YZF-R1

Aprilia RSV750

New Triumph Trophy 955 and 1273

Six Cylinder Honda ST1500

Brand New Kawasaki ZX-9R

Suzuki Performance Cruiser

Suzuki RM450 (again)

Year 2003:

V-max (again)

Triumph Daytona 1300

Triumph Trophy 1300

V-max (again)

Year 2004:

Honda V-3 MotoGP Bike

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Re: it's too expensive!

Sat on a Multistrada last weekend for about 15 seconds. That was about all my backside could take. Not sure what they were thinking when they designed a bike you would want to sit on for a long period of time but cant...
Thrice the idiot you are:) I am getting ready to join the ranks with a ST3 and then maybe pickup a late model Super Sport down the road. It's an endless (and pointless) argument about the twins and fours. All manufactures bring something good to the table. Pick what turns you on and go with it.
I'm not sure of the upkeep but that would keep it up.
Re: Buz gets George W. Bush special treatment.

I think it goes well beyond physical attraction. This borders on a combination of stalking and OCD.
Re: You know what they say

"I scored in the 90th percentile on the GRE verbal portion."

So what? I know plenty of college professors who are complete dip****s with no idea of how the world works.

Test scores mean jack ***** in the real world, as most people who live in it know.
Wow. Not that I don't believe you, but where did you come up with a list like that? A "know thy enemy" sorta thing?
Re: Buz gets George W. Bush special treatment.

I predicted this two years ago.
Actually, I just recycled the list from a post I made last year in an argument on the relative value of MO vs. MotorcycleDaily.
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