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It's With a Heavy Heart...

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No more getting into trouble for me in future press intro's...

Farewell my gingery friend.

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...and first post.
Good luck as a PR Flack! Hope the pay is worth it.

Thanks for the great articles. May your marginal tax rate rise rapidly as you keep the rubber side down.
Be half as good at this new job as you were at MO and you'll get fired. Just kiddin' there big boy. All the best and drop in on us from time to time. Hope you get a good deal on the 1400.
Sorry to see you go Sean.. best of luck!
Good luck Sean. I'll always thank you for saving MO from the near collapse it was heading for.
You need to thank Ashley and Al as well. They worked every bit as hard as I did. I just hogged all the glory :)
Dig the Lyndon Johnson should be holding a Beagle by the ears when you say that btw.

Good luck big guy. Will miss your writing. Someday someone will say "He writes like Sean Alexander". Glad I got to ride with you.

Just don't go on too many rides with your brother when you're on a new Ducati (just kidding).
Take care man, it's been nice having you around..
I'll miss your work Sean. Thanks for the effort. Now send in your $11.95 and tell us what you really think;-)

See ya down the road Sean. It was nice workin a bit with ya. Good luck in your new venture.
I remember you. You were the guy who tried to stick his front wheel underneath me on the ill-fated 2004 open class test, when I was on the photo mule.

Kinda hard to get around that big Bandit with the luggage rack and 50 lbs of camera gear weaving all over the road in front of you eh?
Thanks for all the great stuff. Good luck with Kawasaki-
Best of luck earning actual money....careful what ya wish for though. Whats your adult beverage of choice with the bbq wings tonite?
Good luck Sean.. MO will miss you...
Does this mean that you are gonna ride Kawasakis? Just keep your hands off my H1 - I swear I'll get it running soon, then I'll show you sportbikers whats what. I'll smoke you (literally).
Move along... there's nothing to see here.
Good luck! You'll be missed.
1 - 20 of 63 Posts
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