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Jamie Hacking Leaves Yamaha.

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kpaul says he goes to Kawasaki to replace Tommy superbike
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Corona Honda- They've already said they're Superbike racing. Wonder if they'd pay the money. HRC seems to think highly enough to supply parts. But kpaul you're probably right once again. Actually- Kawi would be a great place for him and RLH needs a teammate.
What I've heard is DiSalvo & Bostrom have superbikes in their contracts, but Jamie didn't. Seems like Yamaha should have run 3 superbikes (a la' Suzuki), and run Hacking in one of the support classes (whichever they wanted to win).
Probably not since it would take you two weekends to complete the Daytona 200.
Wild! At a sportbike night I attended earlier this year Jamie said he was annoyed with some of the classes he was forced to race (can't remember which ones), so it's not too surprising. Hope he picks up a kick ass contract and rides his ass off next season.

I guess my Hacking signed Yamaha jacket is eBay worth more now with him leaving and two classes notched this season. Of course it's a bit worn and stinky now, so mayhaps not. ;-)

I've heard that Hacking was going to Kawi too, to ride beside RLH in both Supersport and Superbike. What a way to 'develop' your SBK program, huh? And with Kawi pulling out the stops for the 07 6R, I think this coming season will be even more dominated than Hacking this year, and the Kawi wins before that. If RLH could just keep his ass on the saddle and not flopping through the runoff, I think he could have a really strong run for the championship.
"eBay worth"!!! Word of the day!
"I've heard that Hacking was going to Kawi too, to ride beside RLH in both Supersport and Superbike."

Well, sure, the Amazing Senor Kpaul Wences said it right up at the top of the page. He's amazing. Just ask acecycleins.


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I aim to please! Now where's my grammar book?
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