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Janklow sees the light in bid to regain law license

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This doesn't surprise me one bit. No matter what the law says, it all boils down to who has the most power and/or money in life so they can do whatever the fook they want! Go to hell Janklow!
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Not surprising, I'm sure he's heart broken over the loss of prestige and being able to have a little blue Kojac light to stick on his Suburban.

Nice to see the state bar assn. is falling all over themselves to get him reinstated after that pesky motorcyclist caused him so much grief and hardship....

If he wants to serve the public so badly he should spend a few years picking up garbage along side the road, probably about all he's good for.
what about the people that voted against him?
tough s**t, you're guilty too and you know it.
It's an entirely rational statement. People with moral and ethical standards don't race around running stop signs because they know

A. it's against the laws they are supposed to uphold, and

B. It's a good way to kill someone

Further, people with any kind of moral compass don't try to weasel out of the responsibility if they do negligently injure or kill someone. They step up and admit fault, make restitution if possible and serve whatever penalty they're handed under the law.

Only a take-it-up-the-ass coward would blatently disregard due care and caution, kill someone through their own negligence, then try every excuse in the book to avoid any sense of responsibility for their actions.

Janklov is clearly low-rent s***** who'd probably be managing a McDonalds and hitting on his female high school employees if he was working in his true capacity. Instead, the state bar assn. circles the wagons for one of it's own.

It's enough to make a strong man puke
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Re: Apples and Oranges

Are you off your medication again? and you were doing so well....

What exactly are the people who voted against him supposed to do shoot him? They excersized the only option they have under the law, they voted for the opposition. What the hell else do you think they're goin to do?
That's enough... deep breathes now, come on, in with the good air, out with the bad...
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