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Janklow sees the light in bid to regain law license

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This doesn't surprise me one bit. No matter what the law says, it all boils down to who has the most power and/or money in life so they can do whatever the fook they want! Go to hell Janklow!
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If this was front page news, this guy wouldn't get his position back ... ever. If you are in the same state and are a member of any kind of riding association, approach the board of your association about doing a press conference publicly coming out against him. Call the local papers and give them a hint on the story (most are dying for decent news). Call your elected officials to make this known to them. Call the state bar association and register a complaint. See if the hearings are open to the public and if they are, show up to voice your opinion.

You know that the bar is going to protect its own, so take that option right out of their bag of tricks by making Jankow such an untouchable that even his cronies can't help him out for fear of getting into the blast radius.

Actually, I've never been to Sturgis, but that is certainly not the point. Boycotting Sturgis woudn't do shyt. It's an ignorant way of hurting local business and getting nothing done. It was a stupid idea brought forth by the people that weren't going anyway. Most of you f&cks aren't even members of the AMA, never written a letter in your life, or never joined a group that fights for your rights, but somehow all you a$$wipes come out of the woodwork telling others what to do. What did YOU do, big mouth? I know who I wrote and what I did. Tell us all what you did, and that goes for KPuke too. Besides not going to a rally that you wouldn't show up at anyway, let us all know what you and KPuke did besides run your mouths on MO. I already know that answer. Admit it. You didn't do shyt.
His statement didn't tell others what to do, or lay blame on someone because they went to a rally. Even a dumbass like you could figure that out. On second tought, you probably can't. Never mind.
Who did YOU write and what did YOU do? Are you even an AMA member?? I bet not.
For your information Mr. nasty mouth, I have been a member of the AMA for over 20 years, I write letters with my motorcycle concerns and problems to all of the goverment officials that somehow maybe a problem or a help to motorcycles and motorcycling, I use the Rapid Response feature in the AMA website, I vote for the people that might be of benefit to my hobby and livelyhood and yes, passion, and you? I'll tell you, you are a sorry a$$, the last time you were nasty to me I asked you to meet me at Laguna Seca's Cork Screw for a little "meeting" and you conveniently dissapeared, what gives? You can not take any kind of dissagrement to your ideas with any kind of valor and class. I am tempted to write to all of the companies who advertise on our website to bring their attention to your "professionalism"

No wander that your name does not appear as often as it used to on the postings, you are an embarrasment!
Yes I am a member of the AMA. I wrote the AMA, several newspapers in SD and State Attorney General.
JankOFF wants his license back so he can serve the public? Was that what he was doing when he last violated his public trust and committed vehicular homocide?
And how ´bout me? Not only I boycotted Strugis, but I also boycotted the whole of the United States. That should have thought you guys a lesson.

- cruiz-euro
Hmmmm grumpy... let me guess you didn´t get any this weekend?

- cruiz-euro
All Jackloff has to do to receive automatic forgiveness for every evil thing he does is to change his name to Bill Clinton.
Boycotting Sturgis is a least as clever a reaction as those people who came up with the idea of not sending aid to N'arlins because it's in a red state. Punish people who had nothing to do with it. Really smart. These people would really freak out if treated as unfairly as they love to treat others.
Ethical standards necessary to practice law? Lawyers? ETHICS??? Ah hahahahahahahahahahahahaha....(near terminal laughing fit).
Getting his law license back? For what? To weaken the already pathetic laws that caused him to be inconvenienced for 100 days? Or does he want to sue the family for Randy being in his way and is too cheap to hire a lawyer? A decent man, a real man, would have the sense to stay out of the limelight and would not be pushing to have his conviction erased from his record.
Apples and Oranges


[*]"as those people who came up with the idea of not sending aid to N'arlins because it's in a red state. " Never happened Did you make that up?


[*]The good people of South Dakota elected Janklow Governor twice right, Congressman several times?. Are they innoscent? No they enabled him, especially those who voted for him.

A boycott would of drawn national attention like nothing else Another opportunity lost because the GPTB would rather go to a party then to stand up and fight for something.
Re: Apples and Oranges

Are you off your medication again? and you were doing so well....

What exactly are the people who voted against him supposed to do shoot him? They excersized the only option they have under the law, they voted for the opposition. What the hell else do you think they're goin to do?
That's enough... deep breathes now, come on, in with the good air, out with the bad...
Accepting Responsibility

Sarnali I think you completely missed my point and it's my fault. Sorry for not explaining it clearly. No I am not off the medication. I just strongly believe in this and please don't take anything personal, I respect your opinon.
[*]A boycott would get max National attention on the plight of the dead motorcyclist, Janklow, and the corruption in the state of South Dakota. [*]Nothing like hitting people in the pocket book to create positive change. The Federal government does it all the time. States that wouldn't increase the drinking age were threatened with no federal funding for highways. What happened? [*] The people of South Dakota are responsible for empowering Janklow's disfunctional behavior. [*] They should be held respsonsible. How many tickets did this guy have? How many times did state troopers look the other way? [*] How many times did SD voters reelect him? With power comes responsibility. [*] SD voters had the power to put him in office it is time for them to step up and take responsibility. Economic payback is all that the motorcycling community can do. Don't worry it will never happen though
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change the laws from within, not punish everyone

Careful there. With that line of reasoning, the whole world should boycott the US for electing Dubya twice.
Re: change the laws from within, not punish everyone

I think they are :)
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