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Janklow to regain law license.

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Eat shiite and die, Jankhole you arsehole.
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Just amazing. This is the third article I've seen that says Scott's motorcycle collided with Janklow's car, not the reverse. And, he "knows that somebody died in a traffic accident", not that he understands he killed someone in a reckless collision. What a piece of work!
excellent attempt to fly in under radar while big national scandals are ongoing, tho. I give him and accomplices 10 for best impression of weasels by humans.

Anybody see him on 60 Minutes a couple weeks ago? he was picture of rational statesperson.
The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

Question ...

Is it fair for a professional association to remove your certification or licence for a vehicular offense you have committed that is unrelated to your profession in any way?

Remember these points before you answer:

1) You are *already* being punished by the court in the form of jail time and/or probation directly in relation to committing the offense. Whatever your professional association metes out would be in addition to those penalties.

2) People without professional accreditation don't suffer these additional penalties, even though you do.

3) Your accreditation certifies that you have x education, y experience and have passed z standards tests. Even after the offense ... you still have the knowledge and experience and have still passed the standards tests.

4) Apprenticeship/journeyman's papers, steam tickets, diplomas, degrees, union memberships, IT certifications, etc. are all certification in some form and could potentially be penalized in the same way as the licence to practice law.

5) Removing one's right to function within society by putting them in jail also removes their effective ability to practice their profession. Removing the *right* to practice that profession is mostly superfluous.

6) There is another licence - the driver's licence - that is directly linked to the commission of the offense.

Personally, I think Janklow should still be rotting in jail and should lose his driving privileges forever ... but I don't understand what his driving has to do with his being a lawyer at all.
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The best thing this "Scumbag" can do is drop dead on the sidewalk, then his own car run over him!!!!!
Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

Actually, I agree having his law license removed seemed pointless. I very much wonder if it was a reaction to the astonshingly light punishment he received (trying to make up for it in some way?)?

So, it was what, the bar association that did this? Maybe there's some rules they have about practicing law while you're serving a sentence? Perhaps this happens to any lawyer who is convicted?

Sadly no amount of punishment to Janklow will bring back the dead. Better to spend the energy preventing this from happening any more. Letting him back behind the wheel is almost a worse crime than the original tragedy... knowingly allowing him to drive again is a kind of willful stupidity/arrogance that governments seem to specialize in.

If he's really referring to the incident as a "traffic accident", using euphemism to try and blunt the raging hatred many probably feel towards him, I'm now extra special thoroughly disgusted. It just makes him that much more loathsome.
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"There also is no need to suspend Janklow's law license any longer to protect the integrity and image of the legal profession, the justices said."

Lawyers and congressmen are tasked with making and upholding our laws. Janklow is a guy who not only had this accident but had a history of ignoring traffic laws. God only knows how often he was let off for speeding because of his connections in the past. The only reason he got any punishment at all this time, and his punishment was much lighter than if any of us had done the same thing, was because he killed someone.

I think it reflects poorly on our legal system every time a lawyer, a politician, or a law enforcement officer gets let off for doing things that they punish others for all the time. It discounts the values of these laws in the minds of every citizen out there.

Since Jankow was also a former Governor of his state I wouldn't be surprised if he personally appointed half the judges who let him off.

The icing on the cake of this whole thing was that he was also protected against civil suits by the family of his victim because of his position as a congressman at the time.

This whole situation just stinks in so many ways.
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Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

I agree mostly, but as a politition and lawyer it could be argued that Janklow represents the United States legislative and judicial system, and is therefore held to a higher standard..

Just as a member of the armed forces or a police department must hold a higher standard of personell conduct to preserve the image of their employer, regardless of it actually affecting your job performance.

Of course then again most polititions and lawyers are scumbags, so maybe he is upholding the expected levels of "mis"conduct.
Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

I'll tell you what his driving privileges have to do with him being a lawyer. This creep went out of his way to "make examples" of people by making sure people guilty of even petty crimes got lots of jail time. He loved the power he had & used it to ruin people. If he didn't like someone, watch out. He was spiteful & vengeful. Destroying someone's livelihood didn't bother him in the least.

So now it was his turn & he squealed like a little piggy. If the shoe were on the other foot, & he was determining the fate of someone who drove recklessly & killed someone, he would make sure they got maximum time & that person would probably end up losing his job & his home.

That's the problem. He gets a tiny bit of jail time & now gets his law license back.

He's a ruthless, arrogant jerk. There will never be justice in this case.


Sturgis BikerMom
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Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

Lawyers have to abide by a higher standard of ethics than steamfitters, etc....I bet he is 2-3 steps away from running for something again. Jsut you wait. If the people of South Dakota elact him, they're idiots. Look at Marion Barry...
Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

"I don't understand what his driving has to do with his being a lawyer at all."

It was willfull negligence that killed Scott. Janklow, a lawyer, would know that.

A priest having molested a child years ago just once, isn't hurting his congregation today?
Janklow is above the law and standards of conduct are judged differently for him than for the rest of us.
Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

It was willfull negligence that killed Scott. Janklow, a lawyer, would know that.
I knew that, too, and I'm not a lawyer. Basic knowledge of traffic laws is within the grasp of all but the simplest of us. If you can read, you can read the DSM, and it is your driver's licence that verifies that knowledge for the rest of society, not your licence to practice law. Knowing laws to a higher standard doesn't make lawyers better drivers, just better lawyers.

A priest having molested a child years ago just once, isn't hurting his congregation today?
What a bad example. Molesting a child is an act of commisson. There is a victim, a perp, and a conscious choice by the perp to directly inflict harm on the victim. Janklow accidentally killed someone through being an idiot, which is a very, very different thing. There is a reason we have a difference between Murder One and lesser crimes like Vehicular Homicide, right? That difference is intent.

Secondly, a priest's job is directly related to the crime you describe: there are children at Sunday School and his crime was against children - direct link. You can be a terrific lawyer without ever putting your hands behind the wheel of a car.
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Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

You need to separate the court from the bar.

The court put Janklow in jail, then probie. That was his 'sentence' and both you and I agree that it was far, far too light. I want him back in jail and I don't want him to drive ever again.

The bar, though, is not the court. It is a professional association whose sole function is to certify lawyers so that the public knows that its members meet a certain minimum standard. It is to keep us from getting bilked by bad lawyers, in effect. If Janklow had been convicted of being a terrible lawyer or of bilking his clients of money - crimes directly related to being a lawyer, then it would be reasonable to expect the bar to suspend his licence because that is its job, after all - to keep bad lawyers off the streets.

Its job is not to keep bad drivers off the streets, though. That's the job of the courts.
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Ah that Red State Spin...

It's called spin. He probably hired a consultant from Fox news as a publicist.. I think Buzglyd used to be a publicist right...
Good point. Because the Radical Rightwing of the Republican party controls Congress, the Executive Branch and soon the Judical branch, will all these scandels suddenly disappear? Like the CIA thing and Rove...Did you see Buz's butt buddy OReally on Letterman. "I get the feeling that 60% of what you say is crap" said Letterman to OReilly.

Gosh Dave don't give him that much credit.. The only reason Nixon was forced to resign is because the Dems controlled Congress....IMHO...
Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

You have to be clearer, though. Ethics is a pretty general term.

Clinton didn't break any laws by sleeping with Monica. He violated the vague ethical trust of his position in society's opinion, and so was asked to step down and put on the grill for his actions. He didn't violate the ethical code of any professional associations, though, because he wasn't a member of any and wasn't acting as a representative of one. He might not have violated his personal ethics at all!

Did Janklow violate some bylaw of the ND bar association? If not, he should never have lost his licence and people shouldn't be bleating about him getting it back.

What people *should* be bleating about is that he is on the street at all. It is the court's jurisdiction to enfore our laws and impose penalties for breaking them, and it dropped the ball big time on this one.
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Just to be clear.

As a Clinton fan, I have to painfully point out that I think Clinton lied to a grand jury in the Paula Jones case is why he was impeached.. i.e he lied about sex in the course of the past behavior discovery portion of the Paula Jones case.. "You are dirty scoudrel cause you had oral sex with an intern and thus shows a pattern of abusing your power and you lied about it" Gabe can probabaly fill in the details or correct my mistakes..

Bush lied about a war go figure...
Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

Excellent point.. Well said..
Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

And the other guy is like, uh dead. How do we redress that? This guy has a string of tickets as long as your arm, and probably got off in situations where you or I would have been ticketed that we never heard about. I appreciate your attempts to be fair, but screw him. With extreme predjudice.
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