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Re: The Devil's Advocate speaks ...

Actually, I agree having his law license removed seemed pointless. I very much wonder if it was a reaction to the astonshingly light punishment he received (trying to make up for it in some way?)?

So, it was what, the bar association that did this? Maybe there's some rules they have about practicing law while you're serving a sentence? Perhaps this happens to any lawyer who is convicted?

Sadly no amount of punishment to Janklow will bring back the dead. Better to spend the energy preventing this from happening any more. Letting him back behind the wheel is almost a worse crime than the original tragedy... knowingly allowing him to drive again is a kind of willful stupidity/arrogance that governments seem to specialize in.

If he's really referring to the incident as a "traffic accident", using euphemism to try and blunt the raging hatred many probably feel towards him, I'm now extra special thoroughly disgusted. It just makes him that much more loathsome.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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