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"There also is no need to suspend Janklow's law license any longer to protect the integrity and image of the legal profession, the justices said."

Lawyers and congressmen are tasked with making and upholding our laws. Janklow is a guy who not only had this accident but had a history of ignoring traffic laws. God only knows how often he was let off for speeding because of his connections in the past. The only reason he got any punishment at all this time, and his punishment was much lighter than if any of us had done the same thing, was because he killed someone.

I think it reflects poorly on our legal system every time a lawyer, a politician, or a law enforcement officer gets let off for doing things that they punish others for all the time. It discounts the values of these laws in the minds of every citizen out there.

Since Jankow was also a former Governor of his state I wouldn't be surprised if he personally appointed half the judges who let him off.

The icing on the cake of this whole thing was that he was also protected against civil suits by the family of his victim because of his position as a congressman at the time.

This whole situation just stinks in so many ways.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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