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Jay Leno goes Moto!

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actually, jay leno had both McGrath and Carmichael on his show about a year ago. he set up a mini-supercross track on the studio, and had each racer do a lap around starting from his tonight Show stage! McGrath won by just a hair - but i'd like to see the rematch
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Should be good. Ricky was out at Carlsbad practicing yesterday. Looked fast, we hear. First round of the outdoor Nationals is this weekend at Glen Helen.
This is the same thing as last year... same setup, but the riders last year were McGrath and Pastrana (not Carmichael). Go to the link and you will see the rest of the story. It sounds like this is a BIG production for the Jay Leno show... it is awesome to see the spot light on these great athletes!!
Actually it will be on Friday night. Watch it then. MO must have gotten some bad info. :(
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