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now now..

....i'll give the spanish fans the benefit of the doubt this year. hopefully carlos checa or alex criville can get a podium position to keep the fans happy. if not, i'm sure the grand prix bikes are fast enough to get the riders away from a throng of bottle-throwing fans quickly.

on the serious side - that proton has GOT to start showing results. kenny's had 5 years to get his act together, and he must have a top 5 finish soon! he's got an awesome rider, a very capable bike. those little "niggling" mistakes just should not be happening anymore at this stage of the game. no, the bike does not have the horsepower or top speed of the v-4's, but neither did jeremy mcwilliams on the Aprilia twin last year and he almost took a couple of races
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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