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Jesse James' latest. VTX Roadster. Not a chopper!

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Somehow I believe that Jesse got his inspiration from Tom Langston's "The Badland 1" of Rumble Customs:

Rumble Customs

I also expect a lot more for $250K. Although I like it and I've seen it in the flesh, I have more respect for those who accomplish the same feat with much less.
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looks a little more realistic than some of his bikes, I wonder how it handles.

Now he can change the name to West Coast Streetfighters and we can see something besides choppers and Harleys on tv
Putting a VTX engine in as road racer chassis makes as much sense as putting a CBR600RR engine in a crusier chassis.

It is a pretty thing though. Maybe it's the start of a new Geezer Race Series. I can just see longride stuffing a shovelhead engine in an old GPZ750 frame right now.
Hmmm... it seems that Tom's bike may well have impacted Jesse's design... but in retrospect, Confederate essentially presented the concept five years ago (Hellcat) - and Erik Buell was pushing the limits of that envelope ten years ago. So, now it's a trend..?
Ehhh... Neat looking but functionally weird...
Weird. Not my first choice for cruiser engines in a sport chassis...


I just sent it because I think it's the kind of thing I'd generate if I had the skills, money, and time. Looks a lot better than the chopper stuff, eh?

I just sent it because I think it's the kind of thing I'd generate if I had the skills, money, and time. Looks a lot better than the chopper stuff, eh?
saw it on Cycle Worlds site. Like all of his bikes it is pretty to look at. Just like his other customs it looks painfull to ride.

I like to look at art but prefer to ride motorcycles with a bit more of the real world incorprated into them as that's where I live.
Makes almost as much sense as putting a sportster motor in a sports chassis, oh wait, some dolt already tried that.
Re: shovelhead streetfighter

some guy on one of the streetfighter web sites has a shovelhead streetfighter, it actually looks pretty cool in a ratty kind of way.

The web site is in Dutch or German or some other squarehead gibberish so I don't know what they say about it.

Really, if they can't speak the kings English then sod them.
Strange Hondas

Strange. Lotsa red. Looks like what Clint Eastwood should have ridden in "High Plains Drifter."

Speaking of strange Hondas, I saw a Rune at my local dealer the other day. Very Strange. Lotsa Purple. I'm still undecided.
What would he do with a SV650? (Just kidding)
Jesse James my butt. Its the North Koreans attempting to do the Yamaha Bulldog.

- cruiz-euro
So what.

Boring. Paint it red and Honda swoons. Junk.
So which picture has the correct swingarm? Which picture has the proper pipes? Photoshop?
According to the CW story, Honda dropped off a VTX engine and a bag of money ($250,000 to be exact). Jesse James then built everything else around it. That my friends (and kpaul) is talent.

And, yes, please note the wacko exhaust. A thing of hand crafted beauty. The airbag suspension is nice but the creative use of a steering damper to provide damping control at the rear is certainly "outside-the-box". What isn't very clear in image 4 of 4 is the rear disk brake. It sits perpendicular to the shaft. Dangerous? Hell yes! It spins just to the right of the riders left ankle with this little bitty piece of plastic to save that ankle from getting sliced to bits. The trick however is that this is a show bike which is intended to show the extremes of engineering, design and the artful expression of both.

Well done Jesse James and Honda.

Re: So what.

Sorry, EG, I swooned too. Hmm... I guess that means... what?

Does my owning a red Harley make me evil? I think I'll paint the Honda wings on my tank just to mess with peoples heads. ;-)
This thing rocks ! JJ, IMHO, understands what cool is all about when it comes to motorcycles.

Ashley and Sean. Can I interview JJ for MO on my next trip down. Please???

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