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Jesse James' latest. VTX Roadster. Not a chopper!

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Somehow I believe that Jesse got his inspiration from Tom Langston's "The Badland 1" of Rumble Customs:

Rumble Customs

I also expect a lot more for $250K. Although I like it and I've seen it in the flesh, I have more respect for those who accomplish the same feat with much less.
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Re: Seruzawa needs a lesson again.

Jesse's "incredible skills" are equalled or surpassed by many other customizers. It's his image-marketing that people resent. Some of us aren't PT Barnum fans.

Denny Berg would be a multi-millioniare now if he had tatted himself up, trademarked a quasi-Nazi corporate logo, and talked like a surf-addled badass.

My favorite JJ moment - when he's shown "getting" his "Pay Up, Sucker" tat on his palm. Funny thing is, Burns mentioned that tat in his (pre-Discovery Channel) Cycle World article on JJ _years_ ago. Maybe Jesse "buffed out" the original while watching a video of the future Mrs. James.
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