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Jesse James' latest. VTX Roadster. Not a chopper!

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Somehow I believe that Jesse got his inspiration from Tom Langston's "The Badland 1" of Rumble Customs:

Rumble Customs

I also expect a lot more for $250K. Although I like it and I've seen it in the flesh, I have more respect for those who accomplish the same feat with much less.
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Jesse is the man

Read the article in Cycle World. Jesse is so cool. This bike is way cool. Love the looks. i.e. this is the probably the close as I get to a cruiser. Jesse gets it. The man knows that cruisers and choppers are history.

I love watching Jesse on Monster Garage. I especially love when he kicked that one pretty boy airhead who reminds me of Buzglyd off the show on Episode 29: DeLorean/Hovercraft
Seruzawa needs a lesson again.

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"Jesse should be respected for his amazing work. Whether you like him as a person or not has nothing to do with his incredible skills."

— xtremequeen

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