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Jesse James' latest. VTX Roadster. Not a chopper!

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Somehow I believe that Jesse got his inspiration from Tom Langston's "The Badland 1" of Rumble Customs:

Rumble Customs

I also expect a lot more for $250K. Although I like it and I've seen it in the flesh, I have more respect for those who accomplish the same feat with much less.
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KPaulCook hit the nail on the head-Jesse DOES get it. Unfortunately I think many of the people who read about him and watch the tv shows do not. If he did a custom Honda chopper we're all sure it would have looked cool but like Jesse said it would have been too obvious-just like the Delorean shell numbnuts was bolting on top of the hovercraft on Monster Garage-the point of the show is innovation, creative thinking and problem solving. I lost it when he went off on that guy and kicked him off the show-whether it was a put on or not for the show is irrelevant. Indian Larry said it best and it's the way I always felt about the subject-what these guys build is the highest art form because not only does it have to be aesthetically beautiful and make a statement, but it also has to function as well. My art professor in college never understood that and actually looked at me and stuck her finger down her throat at the sight of my senior projects because all she saw were motorcycles. Funny how her dream was to be exhibited at the Guggenheim and within a year The Art of the Motorcycle became the most popular show in their history. The VTX Jesse built is amazing. Anyone who doesn't think so needs to stare at it for a little longer.
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