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Jesse James' latest. VTX Roadster. Not a chopper!

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Somehow I believe that Jesse got his inspiration from Tom Langston's "The Badland 1" of Rumble Customs:

Rumble Customs

I also expect a lot more for $250K. Although I like it and I've seen it in the flesh, I have more respect for those who accomplish the same feat with much less.
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Jesse is the man

Read the article in Cycle World. Jesse is so cool. This bike is way cool. Love the looks. i.e. this is the probably the close as I get to a cruiser. Jesse gets it. The man knows that cruisers and choppers are history.

I love watching Jesse on Monster Garage. I especially love when he kicked that one pretty boy airhead who reminds me of Buzglyd off the show on Episode 29: DeLorean/Hovercraft
Seruzawa needs a lesson again.

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"Jesse should be respected for his amazing work. Whether you like him as a person or not has nothing to do with his incredible skills."

— xtremequeen

from the Discovery channnel website
About time he did a custom that ain't a chopper. Talk about a trend that is getting old! BTW, when scrolling through the pics at Fototime, how did that Uberphallic B-36 get in there?

It seems as though I've been censored!
That would be sweet! While the choppers have helped to make him sevenfigurerich it would be great to see him use his skills with streetfighter customs.
Re: Commies!

It's probably the resident Paranoid Schizophrenic, Kook.

OH wait there it's back. Did my earlier comments disappear and reappear or am I insane?
Re: Seruzawa needs a lesson again.

Jesse's "incredible skills" are equalled or surpassed by many other customizers. It's his image-marketing that people resent. Some of us aren't PT Barnum fans.

Denny Berg would be a multi-millioniare now if he had tatted himself up, trademarked a quasi-Nazi corporate logo, and talked like a surf-addled badass.

My favorite JJ moment - when he's shown "getting" his "Pay Up, Sucker" tat on his palm. Funny thing is, Burns mentioned that tat in his (pre-Discovery Channel) Cycle World article on JJ _years_ ago. Maybe Jesse "buffed out" the original while watching a video of the future Mrs. James.
Oh. Sorry. Needed it for some work research. My dad used to work/fly on them, BTW.

Never thought of it as phallic. Maybe I need a shrink?


Re: waitaminnit

Ooooh biy. Who gets to expain it this time?
Re: waitaminnit

Please, enlighten me. Does it have to do with the rating?
Re: waitaminnit

If we have to explain it, you wouldn't understand.
Threshold 101

"If we have to explain it, you wouldn't understand."

It's "bad joke, Monday" on the local radio station and this was the best chuckle I've had all morning!

wrecks, go to the top of this forums topic and look just below pplassm's topic post. It's were you do the "Upchuck a Thought"button.

If you want to view all posts regardless of the threshold value just change the value to "-1" and hit "Refresh". That will change the value temporarily in this forum post.

If you want to change the default value for all forum posts then just above this line click on the "Configure" link and change the threshold value to "-1: Uncut and Raw".

Hope that helps.
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Clark plans to Overhaul Tax System

"Right now, the sad fact is that too many Americans are working harder and harder and earning less and less," Clark said. "Under George W. Bush, the typical working family has seen its income fall by nearly $1,500. Compare that to the eight years under President Clinton (news - web sites), when the typical family saw its income rise by $7,200.

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That's great but we don't give a rat's a$$

Pi$$ off with the political commentary. THis is MOTORCYCLE.COM

I'm sure there is a forum on the Constant.Negative.News site for you to rant on.
KPaulCook hit the nail on the head-Jesse DOES get it. Unfortunately I think many of the people who read about him and watch the tv shows do not. If he did a custom Honda chopper we're all sure it would have looked cool but like Jesse said it would have been too obvious-just like the Delorean shell numbnuts was bolting on top of the hovercraft on Monster Garage-the point of the show is innovation, creative thinking and problem solving. I lost it when he went off on that guy and kicked him off the show-whether it was a put on or not for the show is irrelevant. Indian Larry said it best and it's the way I always felt about the subject-what these guys build is the highest art form because not only does it have to be aesthetically beautiful and make a statement, but it also has to function as well. My art professor in college never understood that and actually looked at me and stuck her finger down her throat at the sight of my senior projects because all she saw were motorcycles. Funny how her dream was to be exhibited at the Guggenheim and within a year The Art of the Motorcycle became the most popular show in their history. The VTX Jesse built is amazing. Anyone who doesn't think so needs to stare at it for a little longer.
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