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Re: John Burns: Bitterness Ebbing

I'm glad see your writing for MO now. When you were at MC your column was the best part of the mag. Now that your gone I doubt that I'll be buying it anymore, it cost to much when bought at a store or it gets mangled by our friendly mail carriers when you subscribe, it's a pain in the ass to store back issues and I hate thinking about how many tree's are cut down each month so we can read about bikes while sitting on the john. I've always enjoyed your "prose" even when you are crying and complaining like a little *****. I think that your input will make my favorite web site even better. Thanks for the tip about Citybike. Signed on to it to day for the 1st time and thought that it was a good read, thanks. I'm looking forward to your next column and I can't wait for the new shootout.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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