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John Hopkins recovering from surgery

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You go Hop!
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Anybody else see the irony in a rider named Hopper having two sprained ankles?

(I stole this from the Colin Edwards forum -- -- and was just p!ssed to not have thought of it first)
Wheres the compo test CBR/ZX/GSX etc ??

promises, promises promises .....yawn
Re: Wheres the compo test CBR/ZX/GSX etc ??

Please Ignore this comment - Sean has responded
Is this a story about Hopkins or Travis Pastrana? Suzuki seems to have a Cranial Rectal Inversion when it comes to keeping their top guys focused on their jobs.

I'm betting on it -- the lack of factory teams (Ducati are the only one -- they would have pulled out also except for contractual committment with Fila -- and it looks like their support is substantially reduced) means that the serious privateer teams all have a good shot. I am thinking that the Ten Kate CBR1000RRs could be the team to watch (expectation is that they will get "back door" technical support from Honda) and with Vermullion as the recent rumors in European circles have Lavilla talking with them for the other spot.

I am disappointed to see only one R1 entered -- based on how fast the Supersport R1s have been at Daytona tests, I think a Superbike spec R1 could be extremely competitive!

Can't wait for the racing to start!
Hopper trains on MX several times a week, as do many other GP and other roadracers. This is an even that Suzuki have been trying to get Hopper to participate in for 3 years.

Could have just as easily happened in one of his training exercises. I suspect, however, that being jet lagged from having just flown in from Malasia could have contributed to the miscue.
Unfortunately, Suzuki's GP bike will still suck rocks ...
off topic

Hey Sean,

Cycle World is claiming they've done the "first test" of the Vulcan 2000. You gonna sue?
Re: off topic

I can't we didn't have the "first" test either.

But hey... Cycle World does have deep pockets and this is the USA, so what the heck... lets sue anyway!
Re: off topic

stay tuned... something interesting is about to happen at MO.
Re: off topic

Can you give us just a tiny little hint?
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