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JohnnyB on History Channel

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Cool show. But where are the sport bikes? They went straight from Goldwings to a frick'n BUELL! Throw me a frick'n bone here.....I want Buells with frick'n laser beams on their headlights!(what else are they good for) Buells look like mutated sea bass!
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no evolution of the sportbikes

yeah, cool show, but it focused mainly on Harley, Indian, and Triumph. Honda was touched upon, and then it went back to Harley and lastly Buell--I didn't pay attention to the commercials, but I can guess who paid for the ticket on this show.
Good idea talking about motorcycles on that show instead of politics. Maybe you should try it at MO. I also thought that the show spent a disproportional amount of time on HD. But they did go into dirt bikes which surprised me. Overall, I'd say it was a good show.

Take care,

More diversity than I expected

Pleasantly surprised it wasn’t a total Hog love fest given the success of "Monster Garage", etc. David, Alan, and Guggenheim Dude laid down a fair history. Wished Peter and Johnny B. could’ve scored more face time, though.

Sport Bikers,

Rest assured your time was well spent on two watershed models in the motorcycle continuum: Segway and the Leno Jet Bike….. So Sorry!
Re: no evolution of the sportbikes

Nah, cafe racers was it.

A couple of strange thoughts:

Did Peter Egan get some work done or go to a Botox party?

JohnnyB sounded just as whiny as I thought he would.

David Edwards is a bigger man than I thought.

As for the show, I thought it pretty much was a Harley love fest (Harley battled Indian, then Triumph, etc.), with other details thrown in for distraction.

The jet bike was cool, but seriously, how many segments did that take?

The reference to sport bikes was in the cafe racers blahEurope speed handlingblahblah modern sportbikes blahjukebox timedblahblah.

*Way* too much time given to Buell. Instead: A nice segment or two on this history of modern roadracing would have been nice.

The bumper segments with the NY riders was B-A-D. Doesn't anyone ride a sportbike in NYC?

At least there was *some* good publicity for bikes.
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Excellent show to get your 10 seconds of fame Burns.
Yeah, in the Guggenheim they showed the early GSXR 750 twice, the Duc 916 twice, and the MV Agusta a couple times, but they never say anything about these...

Like the revolutionary performance (at the time) of the GSXR? And how the absolute stunning beauty of the 916 was a rebirth (or birth) of the motorcycling bug for the masses. And, of course, how the MV is just gorgeous!

I thought that the fact that the only sport bike they show is the Buell, which although it's pretty cool bike isn't by any means the tops in its class, really shows you what this is about. It was a 2 hour commercial for The Motor Company... Throw a little extra in there for a jet bike, dirt bikes, but it was all cruisers...

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Re: no evolution of the sportbikes

>>Doesn't anyone ride a sportbike in NYC? <<

Kinda hard to imagine why anybody WOULD ride a sportbike in NYC (or any big city, for that matter). I can't imagine a type of bike less suited for city traffic. If it were me, I'd go for a dual purpose endure-type bike, or a supermotard bike. Upright position lets you see over the top of the cabs, light weight and narrow so you can split lanes etc and long travel suspension to handle the potholes.
Johnny, you know you're getting old when you appear on the history channel while your still alive. VWW
At the same time on TLC they had "Worlds Greatest Motorcycles" and a very nice piece on MV Agusta's F4. I switched back and forth for the first hour. The TLC show had my attention for the most part. Then I watched the last hour on History.
I agree with you. The show on TLC was better. The whole history of the Britten was the best part. A true visionary forever lost.
The Britten got a brief mention on the HC show, too. As far as I can recall, though, the names Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha were never uttered. They couldn't ignore Honda, though. And yet it was mostly Honda's effect on HD that was covered. And the "trivia" segments just sucked. The whole show was "The History of Motorcycles in the USA for Non-Motorcyclists, as seen by Harley-Davidson".
The Segway? Is that a motorcycle? The Segway.......................jeez........
I agree. Get that thing out of there.
Re: no evolution of the sportbikes

funny you mention england the top sellers are all CBR's, YZF's, and ZX's.........with a varadero or other trailie thrown in. And in England, bikes are used MUCH more for daily transportation.

I think it is because, although not long travel, the suspension is usualyl much better then on any other bikes, you get decent weather protection, the riding position on many (honda, kwak) is not all that extreme, and the quick, precise handling and ability to manuveur right NOW make them great for traffic
Actually, I rode thier Blast, and I agree 100%with the review MO gave it a few months ago. I do admit that they have some very radical features on their bikes, and wish the jap bike makers would introduce some of thier own. That said, I still think they look like ****e.
2 hours and so little covered.......

What about trials, flat track, enduros, GNCC, casual trail riding, even roadracing and performance road riding, ferchrissakes. Not everybody's a one-percenter wannabe.
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