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Re: no evolution of the sportbikes

Nah, cafe racers was it.

A couple of strange thoughts:

Did Peter Egan get some work done or go to a Botox party?

JohnnyB sounded just as whiny as I thought he would.

David Edwards is a bigger man than I thought.

As for the show, I thought it pretty much was a Harley love fest (Harley battled Indian, then Triumph, etc.), with other details thrown in for distraction.

The jet bike was cool, but seriously, how many segments did that take?

The reference to sport bikes was in the cafe racers blahEurope speed handlingblahblah modern sportbikes blahjukebox timedblahblah.

*Way* too much time given to Buell. Instead: A nice segment or two on this history of modern roadracing would have been nice.

The bumper segments with the NY riders was B-A-D. Doesn't anyone ride a sportbike in NYC?

At least there was *some* good publicity for bikes.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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