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I just finished my phone interview with Geoff. He laid out some interesting facts about the DMG format for next year that I found interesting. Here are some finer points of what he said thoughout.
1- He was hired by American Suzuki to race for Jordan
2- There is a connection between him being on Jordan's team and where he's headed (2010- Yosh).
3- He believes that the new DMG format will make life easier for teams like M4/Emgo Suzuki, Attack Kawi, and Pegram Ducati.
4- He thinks that the DMG deal will hurt promotion of the of races since the OEMs are the race by race sponsors.

I'll have the whole thing done tonight (less the editor's hacking at it).

One thing is for sure. He's a hired gun like Matt and Ben. He's willing to race what Suzuki tells him to race and he expects to be on the Yosh bike in 2010- 2009 if Tommy doesn't re-sign for next year.
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